The technology giant SIEMENS is developing the blockchain micro network

The technology giant SIEMENS is developing the blockchain micro network

New York block chain startups and technology giant SIEMENS cooperation and development in the etheric Fang based point of energy conversion project.

LO3 and TransActiveGrid SIEMENS project development cooperation, to enable the participants to other micro grid stakeholders selling extra power resources. The two companies said today that SIEMENS will provide micro grid control technology for the company. LO3 recently acquired a distributed energy conversion project patent granted by the U.S. patent and trademark office.

According to the agreement, LO3 and SIEMENS earlier this year to create a “next47” sector and business cooperation in the development of digital grid project.

SIEMENS representative said, carried out between the two companies in the future may affect its global customer base. SIEMENS is one of Germany’s largest company, is one of the major European engineering enterprises.

SIEMENS energy management department chief executive RalfChristian said:

“We believe that our block chain technology of micro grid control and automation solutions coupled with the partner of LO3 energy, either in public or in the production of consumer, will provide additional value for our customers.”

The two companies said today that the test block chain type micro grid SIEMENS and LO3 will be in New York and other regions of the world, and they hope to expand its services to outside the initial test range.

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