The ten forecast 2017 and bitcoin blockchain

The ten forecast 2017 and bitcoin blockchain


Block chain operations in 2016 is very good, the start-up company raised more than $1 billion 500 million, bitcoin prices have exceeded $700 and the resistance value, such as IBM and Microsoft company also began to popularize the technology chain block.

We witnessed the Barclays Bank (BarclaysBank) of the first commercial bank transactions, and the Hyperledger Corda technology will soon be put into use, of course, we also need to deal with the bifurcation and more attacks. In addition, the Milan Development Conference (ScalingConference) also showed some amazing projects, it also implies that the future block chain.

Then, bitcoin blockchain 2017 exactly what will become?

As with gold

Following the devaluation of the renminbi, India abolished a lot of cash as well as Trum and Brexit effect, the soaring price of bitcoin reached the highest value, the future will remain the trend, and even gold parity.


2016 is the blockchain proof of concept of the year, and 2017 is the block chain out of the laboratory into production year.


In more and more attacks, the etheric Fang will continue to carry out bifurcation and become stronger. In addition, the etheric currency will also continue efforts to break the $1 market capitalization.

Intelligent contract

The bank will try to make intelligent contract – an intelligent and has the legal effect of the software code. In addition, they will also block chain technology but because they have to try to slow the regulatory framework.


On the issue of the bitcoin community there are differences between the witness separation, but also expand the problem may drive community produce another differences.


Bitcoin will become a safe haven assets, for those who struggle to provide political edge, protect people currency fluctuating. But in the devaluation of the country, such as Africa and Latin America in economic fluctuations after the continuous depreciation of the country can play this role.

Asian leaders

Because of the West Bank, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve’s status was shaken, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, the bank will further develop. Asia will become the first to issue bonds in the block on the chain of the sovereign government.


The government wants to control force to influence the encryption currency, but did not realize that the market will shift to a more liberal economy.

The application of the most powerful

The application block chain and the most powerful communicator will be the supply chain, the insurance and reinsurance industry. Banks and government health care, although also want to apply this technology, but it is still not realized due to regulatory reasons.


In the first half of 2016 showed a slowing trend under investment. Venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) fell because investors did not grasp the basic principle, they think the blockchain is more like a bubble. In 2017, as the financial science and Technology (FinTech) this organization will increase in business investment chain block.

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