The test performance of bitcoin payment over Super bank transfer

The test performance of bitcoin payment over Super bank transfer

Bitcoin and its revolutionary technology in the block chain now has many advantages, for example, high safety, low cost and high capacity, it is another advantage of the transaction speed. TT has been in the traditional banking system in use for many years, Japanese banks and a recent test results show that bitcoin blockchain technology has been fully prepared to fund the existing system in twenty-first Century “gate”.

“The Asian review” the news that the undisclosed super bank with the Deloitte accounting firms and bitcoin company bitFlyer has been testing a large part of the chain block, and the ultimate test has been completed in September this year. The purpose of these tests is the detection of bitcoin block chain technology is able to meet the current funds transfer system for safety and high speed. Obviously, the test was successful.

“The Asia Times” wrote: “the processing speed of the lower block chain of this technology has been a major constraint, but with the help of the blockchain, researchers can be 1500 times per second and the current transaction, can bank transfer system in the rush hour 1400 times a second transaction together.

Although it did not mention the name of the bank, but they are very likely to be Japan’s three largest banks group. Thanks to release in the spring of this year’s new bitcoin economic value is now able to shoulder the yen, but also makes Japanese companies can legally use the advantages of technology.

These test success means the blockchain technology will be more applied to the banking industry in 2017, while new enterprises in the field of the block chain in the future there will be many orders from the banking industry.

Despite the painful experience of the notorious Mt.Gox in front, Japan has become one of the largest bitcoin exchange market. The yen is currently bitcoin second convertible currency, after the RMB, success beyond the early in the almost completely monopolized the bitcoin market in the United states. Although Japan accounted for only 3% of the global market not to, but the total funding day almost 70 thousand bitcoin, after the United States, and the daily trading volume of less than 40 thousand bitcoin.

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