The top Steam game platform will accept bitcoin payment

The top Steam game platform will accept bitcoin payment

Steam platform, a the world’s largest integrated digital game software distribution platform, according to a person claiming to be a Steam game publisher’s friends said, the game platform will soon support bitcoin payment. The following is a copy of the email users receive:

We are very pleased to announce that Steam will begin to accept bitcoin payments.

We use the external payment service provider to deal with bitcoin transactions, to help partners to attract more customers in the steam platform. Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular online payment system in some countries, the risk of price fluctuations, to isolate the partners with bitcoin, while still can bring value to customers.

You do not need to take any action, if customers choose to pay by bitcoin, they will still be in the local currency pricing, here is the work principle of it:

Users pay for the local currency to steam according to their own region (for example, 29.99 pounds).

Payment processing chamber will this 29.99 pounds, according to the daily exchange rate into the equivalent of bitcoin, therefore, the user is paying with bitcoin, but payment processors pay us is still the traditional currency. Valve company (steam operators) will not receive coins.

No need to set a bitcoin price, or the price of bitcoin tracking. Your purchase price will not change.

We expect this update, we think it will make steam better. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

Not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

Early in February this year, there was news that Valve plans to add or bitcoin in Steam gaming platform payment.

This rumor is not of course have not been completely Weakness lends wings to rumours., Valve officially confirmed, a community of Reddit users exposed a Steam transaction server information code, display items and code related to pay with bitcoin, Steam or certification will be accepted from bitcoin as payment.

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