The total hash value decreased, bitcoin difficulty will enter big adjustment

In November 1st this year, bitcoin hash value reached the highest level in history, more than 60exahash per second (EH/s), and then free fall to the nearest point of 35EH/s, the resulting hash value decreased almost halved.

The total hash value is calculated for each miner said the network comprehensive ability. With the miners and mine more and more exit, this figure is slowly reduced.

Initially, the hash value decreased almost by the upcoming launch of bitcoin bifurcation caused by hard. Many miners will bitcoin speculation, bifurcation greater profits, because they will accumulate coins, rather than a coin. In addition, hold the rights and interests of the bifurcation will also affect the change of game player hash value, it is a good sign.

Unfortunately, with the continuous decline in the price of bitcoin, after the miners in the 11 month 15 day bitcoin hard bifurcation finally decided to bitcoin with expectations. Because unprofitable mines closed, the miners were forced to sell their equipment, along with the decline in Hashrate.

With the new bitcoin can get the rights to reduce, behind each bitcoin value will decline, so the price of BTC will be more low.

Every time, bitcoin mining difficulty will experience an automatic adjustment. The block design for every 10 minutes, this will make the network will be twice a week for the difficulty of exploitation of an adjustment.

The purpose of the adjustment is to consider changes in the network of hash values. If there is a large influx of new miners, will soon find a reward. On the contrary, since the last adjustment has decreased with the hash value, average every 10.9 minutes by bitcoin mining.

The upcoming adjustment is likely to occur in the world coordinate on the morning of December 19th, is expected to reduce the difficulty of 10%. In the past month, mining difficulty has dropped by 20%.

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