The total market value of encryption currency over $24 billion, ranked second in the etheric Fang high price

The total market value of encryption currency over $24 billion, ranked second in the etheric Fang high price

No one can deny that cryptocurrencies industry is booming. However, some people want to see more money faster into the bitcoin and other encryption currency. There is an interesting trend is bitcoin in the whole industry in the market share of encryption currency is falling. The current encryption currency ecosystem total market value in excess of $24 billion, bitcoin share close to 81%, and in 2014 January the figure was more than 95%.

Since, in the bitcoin currency is encryption is a single large, firmly occupy a dominant position. This is normal, after all, bitcoin was the only one to get some money market attractive encryption. However, some currency competition now has proved to be the favorite of speculators and traders. Although these coins are rarely used case competition, but their value is a perfect vehicle for speculation. Therefore, part of the funds is competition from bitcoin currency flows.

Bitcoin market share continued to decline

This trend is really not what good panic. In fact, the diversification of crypto currency portfolio is a good thing. Although bitcoin in the total market value of all encrypted currency still occupy the majority, but its share is down. In fact, this downward trend has continued for a long time.

One reason is the bitcoin higher fees. The second reason is that the market value of second digital currency Ethernet Fang recent price rose, according to the bitcoin trading network ( market showed the highest ETH Ethernet workshop has reached 174.99 yuan, this year the trend is almost always rising.

Btctrade Market

Bitcoin share decline, people need to remember that not every one can become competitive currency bitcoin competitors. For example, the location of the etheric Fang is not a bitcoin like “money”, but a kind of technological innovation. However, only time will tell us how the next encryption industry market will change the distribution of money. At present, according to btctrade Ethernet square to the market value of 16 billion 174 million 770 thousand yuan, after bitcoin.

[as reporters issued at BTC price: 7900; ETH: 157.8; price LTC price: 25.8], for more information please pay attention to bitcoin, bitcoin trading network platform: WeChat btctrade_com

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