The total market value of the daily planet | EOS ranking rose to No. 4; OK group released a public OKChain chain block chain; selected “19 key technologies 2019 years”

The headlines

EOS total market capitalization of up to fourth

According to CoinMarketCap, EOS market capitalization reached 21.76 billion, ranked fourth, is the highest market capitalization since the birth of the EOS ranking. The top three were bitcoin, reboxetine currency and etheric fang.

Digital currency

Coinbase has opened the relevant currency currency currency trading

According to the official Coinbase news, Coinbase is now available for retail investors to open BTC and ETH, ETC, LTC, ZRX and BCH coin currency trading. After the news, Coinbase announced that it will launch a new function of Coinbase Convert, allowing retail currency trading currency.

Report: hold wallet address control stability of monetary circulation exceeding 50% of the amount of the top four

PANews and PeckShield jointly launched the report pointed out that in 2018 the market experienced a drop of encryption currency from the bull market peak bear market turmoil, stable currency as a medium of exchange for exchange, a year block chain industry “reds”. 1. to TUSD, USDC, PAX as the representative of the emerging stable currency rise. As of the 11 month 25 days, USDT 24.9% has lost its share of stable money market; 2. annual issuance of currency stability emerging number is active, TUSD total issuance (including destruction) 143 times, the cumulative total issuance of 183 million pieces, occupy the market share of 7.68%, ranked No. two in 3.; the stable currency holdings of the top five head holder the average holdings accounted for more than 12.75%, the top four wallet address have a stable currency circulation of more than 50%; 8 stable currency 4. within the scope of statistics has been circulating for trading in the 659, but most stable currency is highly dependent on one or two exchanges, especially nUSD, GUSD and DGX. There is a certain hedge 5. stable currency, in the bear market performance is more significant, especially the performance of hedging currency to stabilize the dollar stable currency is better than that of the other subject of the anchor.

Block chain industry

Research Report: block chain is for the largest investment projects in the round Angel round, a total of 170 projects

12 June 18, tower of Tsinghua University of Internet think-tank chain industry research institute prepared by the “2018” chain block application technology white paper release, which referred to as 11 2018 at the end of the year, the 2018 block chain project financing increased firstly and then decreased. In August, the blockchain project financing fell significantly. By the end of November 2018, in addition to strategic investment, start-up investment rounds (B round before) accounted for 77%, the development of the industry is still in its early stages. Are investment projects for the largest round of angel round, a total of 170 projects, accounting for 39% times; the lowest proportion of categories as the cornerstone of round, accounted for only 1%. In addition, the strategic investment proportion reached 17%, and the more common cast industry pioneer in the industry to open up the road, still.

OK group released a public OKChain chain

In December 18th, B-Labs held in Hangzhou joint venture space launch ceremony, OK group announced the launch of its R & D Public chain OKChain, dedicated to the settled B-Labs start-up enterprises to provide technical support and service level.

Sources: the Hongkong Stock Exchange said, IPO bit reluctant to approve the rumors

The Hongkong Stock Exchange (HKEX) a spokesman said, IPO is a bit reluctant to approve the rumors, after the news of the Hong Kong stock exchange, listed on whether to agree to bit hesitant. When asked about the situation of the mineral company IPO encryption verification and details, the spokesman said, “the Hong Kong stock exchange not to comment on the rumors.”

The blockchain “selected 19 key technologies in 2019”

Lux Research for the upcoming changes in the world economy, and in the next 10 years to change people’s way of life and key technology innovation issued a “19 key techniques” in 2019 (Annual List: 19 Transformative Technologies for 2019) research report, block chain containing the list of the new technology in this year.

South Korea will use block chain technology in Port Logistics

The South Korean Ministry of science and technology, Marine Fisheries Ministry announced that has established the integrated logistics service based on block chain technology for container port logistics.

Global policy

The Australian Taxation Office requires investors annual returns of public encryption

Australian regulators are formulating a set of laws, encryption currency or digital assets with effective supervision. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) also issued a warning to participate in encryption currency trading investors, the annual return from publicly available encryption in currency. Australia agreed to bitcoin and encryption currency as a property, rather than money. They think this is the property of the taxpayer, the responsibility for sale after July 2017 earnings figures of assets to pay capital gains tax.

Qianhai use block chain technology to carry out cross industry credit data sharing

December 12th “Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou area since the comprehensive reform of trade credit service measures” officially released, said the measures, Qianhai will be combined with the relevant government departments, enterprises, Internet financial credit service enterprises, arbitration institutions, explore the establishment of a standard of data exchange, the formation of compatible “grey list” mechanism, “arrears, the defects of the performance and the unfair competition and abuse of resources, such as lack of moral behavior into the” grey list “, the formation of perfect privacy, traceability, into the process of cross industry alliance data integrity dynamic update using the block chain technology, to carry out cross industry not good person” grey list “sharing pilot.

The Chong Wa Dae of Korea spokesman: anti-corruption Secretary through the collection of virtual currency in the formulation of relevant policies

12 18, South Korea, Chong Wa Dae spokesman Jin Yiqian said, “some of the media supervision in the process of developing Chong Wa Dae special class in the collection of data encryption monetary policy report” is a government check of civil personnel, which is inconsistent with the facts. Special supervision class members as anti-corruption Secretary Office of the executive secretary, according to the instructions to collect the virtual currency movements, illegal behavior and victimization, (speculative) overheating and the basic data required for the formulation of relevant policies, illegal acts related to the virtual currency in control, it is necessary for the loss of national policy. Because money is used as a means of encryption of various crimes, so many people worry about the victims. There are many reports of social leadership, some people involved in the ruling circle encryption currency trading.

The vigorous development of digital economy to block chain as the core of the Guiyang national high tech Zone

In December 18th, the Guiyang high tech Zone relevant responsible person said that the development of the big data, artificial intelligence, networking, block chain, quantum communication, mobile communication of Guiyang national hi tech Zone (5G), life science is the core of the digital economy and electronic information, electrical equipment, aerospace and so on as the core of the real economy, to enhance the ability of high-tech zones to participate in global competition, accelerate the formation of all-round opening up a new pattern, to create a powerful engine to lead Guiyang high quality development.

Use block chain to vote from Russia, 15000 of citizen participation

Russia and Saratov (Saratov) regional government authorities said they held a “history of the largest block chain election”, about the youth vote parliamentary elections 15000 citizens in the area of. The election is completed in the Russian Internet security company Kabasiji laboratory under the assistance of the use of the Polys development platform, Polys is a technical support provided by the blockchain online voting platform. According to CNews reports, voters were asked whether they want to use in the future the blockchain voting system, instead of using the traditional paper ballot, 83% of the participants answered “yes”.

Figure – voice

Long Swords: 2019 years of service in the real economy blockchain will come

12 18, founder of Babbitt micro-blog said in the long sword: Schumacher woke up, the block chain will really far? 2019, technology oriented, service for the real economy blockchain age will come, not optimistic about the current direction of the game, gaming.

Zhao Dong: bitcoin may bottom at $2500

In December 18th, DFund capital founder Zhao Dong in an interview said, his heart for bitcoin price at $2500 may be under extreme. But these predictions are only probability problem, there is no guarantee that will happen. Still optimistic about the long-term price of bitcoin, is now very good, bought after two years not to sell, can flow, can cast out, investment projects, but also the future of bitcoin exchange back.

Universal chairman Xiao Feng: block chain real estate commercialization will begin in 2019

In the third session of the General Assembly held in December 18th on the development of chain block, universal chairman Xiao Feng said that the first block chain system launched in January 3, 2009 to today, nearly ten years, the past ten years is from zero to one of the ten years, the next ten years is from one to ten years is the development of N. A period in the past, then, means that when the law has become increasingly clear mainstream institutions, the mainstream technology engineer, Daniel really began to enter into this industry inside. In a period of those pioneers, if you can’t keep pace with the times, a great probability may be created to abandon the trend. He also believes that the real block chain technology socialization, industrialization and commercialization will begin from 2019.

Zhao Changpeng: there is no competition between us and Coinbase, common development

In December 18th, The Crypo Dog twitter tweet said 2019 to 2020 will probably be the currency and Coinbase to carve up the market a year. In reply Zhao Changpeng said: we do not compete, the encryption market is still very small, far not reached saturation, although we and Coinbase have overlapping part of the business, but the overall differences, including strategy, product types, geographical distribution and even tweets style are not the same, we and Brian (founder of Coinbase) often chat together, we will follow the development of industry.

Deputy director of the State Administration of foreign exchange: Lu Lei block chain financial technology led to the rapid introduction of cross market cross industry shocks

Deputy director of the State Administration of foreign exchange, Lu Lei said, will open for inter agency balance connection to promote cross-border risk contagion, will be open for studying the formation of new formats, new risk. The current mobile payment, network credit, block chain financial technology led to the rapid introduction of cross market cross industry shocks. He pointed out that in the financial market is highly related to today, according to the cross market cross industry financial behavior to have a clear judgment, it is necessary to establish macro Prudential institutional framework of risk control system, but also to avoid the system return from management to control.

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