The Trump administration support block chain technology

The Trump administration support block chain technology

In the blockchain summit in Washington this week, senior U.S. regulatory and senior officials said publicly that will expand the block chain technology in the application of the government and the private sector.

At the meeting, the Trump administration and congressional and administration Representatives approved the blockchain potential, further integration of technology and public policy calls for the. They also emphasize the technology to improve the efficiency of administration, giving more power to consumers and promote economic growth potential.

Also, MarkCalabria was chief economist and vice president MikePence on Wednesday made a plan of lectures, encouraging government by the president told the audience that blocks the development of chain technology.

He said the high interest in understanding the application of the technology in government, financial and other aspects, especially the Ministry of finance will also conduct a comprehensive inspection of the financial system.

Calabria told the audience:

“We have an open mind to understand the technology. We realize that they are not necessarily innovators, but at least we can technology way, and find out where the government hinders innovation.”

Calabria also said the president’s team hope to hear the voice of the blockchain community and to learn from them, lay a good foundation for the further development of the technology for help.

The welfare of citizens

Congress block chain core group co chairman who also spoke at the meeting, claiming that they want a better grasp of how to deploy this technology in the public sector.

Co chairman of JaredPolis, the Colorado Democrat who said: “we are very willing to help promote the blockchain technology in the deployment of federal agencies and government.”

He added:

“Our role is to encourage government agencies to find more effective ways of working.”

DavidSchweikert is a co chairman of the Arizona Republican, he stressed that one of the main objectives of the core group is to make decision makers understand the potential for change, and served as a messenger between government, industry and academia.


Schweikert said:

“Why are we not only the decision makers who will engage in the development progress of smashing new things? Because sometimes we elected is conceited.”

“How can we help the Congress colleagues understand this technology is not only the digital money so simple? It also has a broader more wonderful world.”

Unified problem

Polis added that even if there is no bipartisan congressional party blockchain enthusiasm, he also optimistic that the technology can transcend partisanship.

He said:

“People can control their information of this ideal advantage on both right and left have broad appeal.”

The Department of health and human services IT architect DebbieBucci also talked about her drive block chain exploration efforts within the department. Last year, for the first time that her department needs a block chain and explains how to apply the technology in health care environment in the white paper, it held a block chain hackathons earlier this month.

Bucci says her team interested in the blockchain for the technology in other departments to seek a favorable position.

“We work together to better understand what is the chain block.” She said, “because our definition of the blockchain of some grades, even in their organization, they are also aware of the term, know the term block chain.”

Public and private

However, people admit that the private sector in the government of technology application can play a role.


The general manager of the Department of financial services DavidTreat Accenture believes that the public sector of the blockchain open attitude is not only politically but that those traditional curry favour by claptrap, conservative and resist risk units are changing.

Treat said:

“There is no government response is completely different, now the situation is not” I tell you what I do, we have to see if this is possible, but “we see its potential, but also to understand it and other aspects of the association, can you teach us?””

Blockchain advocates say that the government adopt the technology will help to standardize its application in other industries, there is evidence that this work is already in progress.

According to the conference organizers said Washington block chain summit this year is the second held, attracted from 20 countries, more than 450 developers, agents and consultants.

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