The U.S. government auctions bitcoin: Wall Street and Silicon Valley to attract buyers

The U.S. government auctions bitcoin: Wall Street and Silicon Valley to attract buyers

Beijing time on June 26th morning news, despite the frequent bitcoin currency rose fell, many buyers of Wall Street and Silicon Valley are still queuing for about $17 million bitcoin bid for the U.S. government will auction.

   Auction sale

The auction by the U.S. Marshals Service (U.S. Marshals Service), scheduled to be held in June 27th. San Francisco hedge fund Pantera Capital Management and SecondMarket are involved in the auction of New York brokerage company.

“I know a lot of big or small investors are discussing this investment opportunity.” New York bitcoin exchange Coinsetter CEO Aaron Lukaswitz (Jaron Lukasiewicz) said, “there may be some hidden participants – focus on this market hedge funds.”

The Federal Bureau of investigation (hereinafter referred to as “FBI”) last year off the Silk Road site, and the arrest of its operators, who confiscated 144 thousand bitcoins. And the auction 29656 pieces bitcoin is a part of them. FBI has these bitcoins are forwarded to the U.S. marshals service. Due to the mobility of the major bitcoin exchanges are low, as long as the transaction 500 bitcoins will change the price, so buy bitcoins directly from the government to avoid paying high prices.

“If investors want to buy so much disposable from the open market bitcoin, just submit the transaction for which will raise the price of bitcoin 10% to 20%.” U.S. brokerage Wedbush Securities analyst Jill Luria (Gil Luria) said.

   Government selling

Served as a member of the bank’s audit of Boston University lecturer Mark Williams (57.99, 0.48, 0.83%) (Mark Williams) said, Pantera and SecondMarket are to speculation that they are not new buyers, but with the same group facilitator before.

“The auction did not prove the value of bitcoin, only that the U.S. government is eager to sell before prices fall again.” Williams said, “the United States Marshals office has 29 thousand reasons to sell these bitcoin.”

Bidders need to pay a $200 thousand deposit and authenticate. The United States Marshals Bureau in June 30th to win the final notice. The agency may sell more in the future bitcoin.


The United States Marshals Bureau accident issued documents, the Connecticut hedge fund Rangeley Capital and Chicago DRW Holdings trading company are interested in participating in the auction. But the two companies declined to comment.

SecondMarket specializes in illiquid assets, the company has launched a trust fund to facilitate people indirectly to buy bitcoins. SecondMarket started in September last year to raise funds for the trust, the current reached $62 million 500 thousand, they also plan to open the trust of small investors.

Due to the technical personnel and the speculators speculation, bitcoin currency in 2013 soared from $12 to $1147, then fell in Chinese, Russia and other regulators to suppress, the latest price of $562.39.

Pantera CEO (Dan Morehead) Dan Mo Haide said that the company will participate in the auction. Although refused to disclose the specific strategy, but before Mohaide said in an interview that the company will purchase bitcoin and investment for the construction of infrastructure enterprises. “This virtual currency ecosystem contains a set of opportunity.” Mohaide said.

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