The United States announced a congressional candidate to accept bitcoin donations in the 2018 election

The United States announced a congressional candidate to accept bitcoin donations in the 2018 election

The United States House of Representatives candidates today announced that it has begun to accept bitcoin donations.

PatrickNelson is running for a seat in New York’s twenty-first district. According to local newspaper TheTimesUnion reported in February, Nelson has submitted bids in January.

As a clerk, BernieSanders supporters and former New York state legislature before the November 2018 election, Nelson is carrying out a reform plan. According to public records show that he is one of the three candidates for the Democratic nomination.

Nelson is through the payment processing company BitPay grant, and he announced in a statement to accept bitcoin donations at the same time to respond to this forward-looking issues. Nelson after the election in 2015 a seat in the Stillwater City Council had to accept bitcoin donations, but at the time of his election ended in failure.

Nelson said:

“Our campaign is the goal of the twenty-first Century policy into twenty-first areas. This means that we have to accept innovations such as block chain with bitcoin and new technology.”

Since 2014 the Federal Election Commission (FEC) after a brief summary of the detailed rules related to this, the U.S. government has approved the use of bitcoin in political elections.

At present, the single bitcoin donations ceiling is $100, this form is regarded as a “real” donation, people can provide a valuable asset to the campaign by this form, and these assets can then be sold in. Once the assets are sold, the candidate will have 10 days to the income into its official election funds.

In the past several election cycles also have other US candidates to accept bitcoin donations. This includes Kentucky Senator RandPaul, during the 2016 presidential election, has since accepted encryption of monetary donations caused a stir.

However, as CoinDesk previously reported, FEC is considering whether to change the rules of bitcoin donations. At a meeting in September last year, the members of the committee to discuss whether bitcoin as cash handling.

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