The United States Congress called on the government to support block chain technology

The United States Congress called on the government to support block chain technology

The new resolution of the United States House of Representatives called for the development of a national science and technology policy, this policy will contain digital currency and block chain technology.

The policy quoted bitcoin idea, but no name, saying that “alternative non currency”, and the block chain technology. The policy that has the potential to change the blockchain technology to establish trust and security problems in online transactions fundamentally.

The resolution was sponsored by the Indiana Republican RepAdamKinzinger; and California Democrat Senator TonyCardenas also jointly support the bill.


The resolution also mentioned a variety of alternative currency is “using technology of improving its safety, increase its transparency, can replace financial institutions using decades of payment technology.

The resolution says:

The United States should be the introduction of the national policy to encourage the development of a number of tools to maximize the commitment to help consumers learn and protect their assets, connecting device authorized by the consumer, promote economic development in the future, the creation of the new economy and new markets.”

The proposal to further encourage the development of the U.S. government “alternative technology with transparency, security and identification”. At the same time, also called on the development of business innovators to support consumer technology.

The resolution was submitted to the Committee on energy and Commerce Subcommittee of the committee, was held earlier this year about bitcoin and block chain technology hearing.

The resolution adopted by Congress in the early science and technology advocates praise, including the executive director of CoinCenter JerryBrito.

He told reporters: “RepKinzinger proposed this act of parliament that many in Congress that the federal government should adopt strategies to encourage innovation and development of chain block.”

However, the resolution of the time that the United States from the energy and Commerce Committee really began to take measures to still have a period of time.

The resolution was introduced in July 14th, just before the 2016 presidential election began a week-long recess in congress. The house and Senate until the first week of September will be held again.

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