The United States Congress established the special research group, and bitcoin blockchain Technology

The United States Congress established the special research group, and bitcoin blockchain Technology


Effect of block chain has now begun to penetrate the whole world. 26 this month, two members of the U.S. Congress established a congressional panel, devoted to the study of block chain technology to support bitcoin encryption currency.

The group is called the CongressionalBlockchainCaucus Congress blockchain group, is the founder of JaredPolis and MickMulvaney, the former Democratic congressman from the state of Colorado, over the years has been bitcoin technical support, which is the representative of South Carolina republican.

The establishment of this group had two people is the original intention of other members gathered interested in block chain technology, to discuss technical problems of chain blocks, for the future development of the corresponding legal preparations. In fact, and the university club are similar, are a group of people who have the same interests leisure time together, to discuss topics of interest. Polis said in announcing the group was set up in the paper: “the development of block chain technology has great potential.”

The banking industry is now generally the emergence of a new understanding, feel the blockchain technology can save back office system cost, in the syndicated loan, clearing and settlement of securities transactions can save not a small expenditure, so banks are like fall over each other solution by using block chain technology, at this level on the block chain technology has shaken the traditional high-end financial industry operation. Effect of block chain is not only reflected in the financial industry, social and other aspects also has its shadow, tracking, and other aspects of the archaeological image copyright diamond block chain technology can also play an important role. Block chain technology began to support the technology behind bitcoin into people’s attention, but now bitcoin has been with the image of a far cry from the. Polis also said: “the blockchain group work is focused on improving public awareness of the blockchain, promote the development and protection of consumers’ rights and interests chain block.”

Although the blockchain group is a formal organization, must be approved by the relevant congressional committees registered before, but in fact the group was not what the essence of rights, not to hire, no formal office, and a lot of office supplies and funds have to provide their own members of the group. But the “the Atlantic issue” in 2014 published the article pointed out that some congressional panel seems to have a lot of prestige, such as Congress modeling, simulation conference, Congress and the Congress Party group Bourbon boat teams and so on.

Whether the group influence is how the public perceives the group related to the theme. In early 1996, Congress set up a special group, the new technology for Congress to learn some more fashionable and difficult, such as copyright, encryption and privacy and so on, which is later Congress Network group. After the group was established in 1997, the founder of Rep.RickWhite in accepting the “government” technology interview said: “when the members did not seem to have a little understanding of the network.”

Group of daily activities is the most important to the members of Congress to teach communication channels emerging, and let them have the opportunity to use, White also said: “with the mail in the business of popular, I think members of Congress to update knowledge, keep up with the pace of development of the world, this is a very important point.” With the popularity of the network, the network group has been increasing, the group has now become a very influential congressional panel.

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