The United States immigration authorities are considering accepting bitcoin for a US visa

The United States immigration authorities are considering accepting bitcoin for a US visa

In the first week of May, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the mechanism of the Bureau of citizenship and immigration services (USCIS, hereinafter referred to as the Immigration Department) bitcoin blockchain technology and showed a keen interest in. In May 2nd, the Department of Homeland Security grant three block chain startups $2 million 250 thousand. Second days later, the Department of Homeland Security immigration details they are considering to accept bitcoin payments and apply for a US visa.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security to distributed ledgers and block chain monitoring technology start-ups $2 million 250 thousand

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (hereinafter referred to as the national security department) to three companies and the blockchain technology related funding for $2 million 250 thousand to promote the development of the project. Accept the DHS funded projects include Blockcypher, bitcoin blockchain verification project supervision company DigitalBazzar, as well as a key management company Evernym. Science and Technology Bureau Secretary DHS long RobertGriffin said, in the long run, the money will help to improve national security.

Dr Griffin said: “small business innovation research program (SBIR) so that we can grasp some of the best scientific thinking, to find a solution for the current threat environment.”

The national security department in the past year have been promoting support blocks more chain projects, and as the case also funded a number of projects. Last year, the Ministry of state security to a project identification system block chain based on a $200 thousand reward.

The United States Bureau of citizenship and immigration services to consider using bitcoin visa application and submit service fee

In May 3rd EB-5 national stakeholders DHS funded rallies, investment immigration program office (IPO) director LoriMacKenzie said the group is considering to accept bitcoin payment service. Essentially, this will open the possibility of immigration with bitcoin to pay the visa application charge.

The immigration office is currently considering the problem of a kind of virtual currency bitcoin, MacKenzie explained in his national stakeholders meeting report said, “immigration can not on any particular form of transfer of funds to provide a full range of guarantee, but we will continue to evaluate applicants who provide evidence to decide whether to meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. For example, belong to the applicant’s investment funds are directly or indirectly through legal means to obtain evidence.”

Some supporters believe that the U.S. government agencies can be a new way to legalize bitcoin

In general, the government of the United States in the past year and a half has been very concerned about the scheme and block chain concept of digital currency settlement. The national security department released the latest announcement is about SBIR scheme and block cipher and subsequent, DigitalBazaar had already received several times the agency awarded a prize.

Transfer the United States Immigration Bureau released at the same time the statement bitcoin protocol has very positive information. Some encryption currency advocates argue that it can add some legitimacy for digital currency. After the launch of immigration heard news, bitcoin enthusiasts explained: “it in a new way and means to legalize bitcoin, regulators in the proposed regulatory advice, the government must be regarded as a legitimate bitcoin users”.

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