The United States in 2016 by bitcoin fidelity charitable donations of $7 million!

The United States in 2016 by bitcoin fidelity charitable donations of $7 million!


The independence of the United States public charity fidelity Charitable Foundation (FidelityCharitable) recently announced 2016 from them from across the United States donors received $7 million bitcoin donations.

In order to let donors give more donations and more extensive expansion, in November 2015, the charitable foundation has started accepting bitcoin donations. Donors can more non-profit donation, and the bitcoin currency for grants.

In addition to accept digital monetary donations, the foundation is a non-profit organization in 2016 raised $3 billion 500 million in donations, compared to 2015 increased by 15%. In order to celebrate its 25th anniversary anniversary, fidelity charitable foundation to donors suggest total contributions to the scale to reach $25 billion by the end of 2016. The Fund said in a press release, this goal has been completed ahead of schedule in December 16, 2016.

Fidelity charitable foundation President PamelaNorley said:

“A record $25 billion in the 25th anniversary milepost on the occasion, this reminds bear to continue to improve our fidelity charitable support to the donor’s responsibility.”

Accept charity bitcoin

When it comes to charitable donations, donations of cash is still the mainstream. However, with more and more charity now accept bitcoin, they are to provide an alternative way to digital currency donation.

In 2014, the Green Peace Organization (Greenpeace) announced the official start to accept bitcoin donations, in order to cope with the high cost of credit card donation cost. In addition, the Royal National Lifeboat Association (RNLI) in the British Isles for charity rescue at sea — Britain and Ireland became the first to accept bitcoin large charity.

The American Red Cross is the same as the way to accept bitcoin donations.

With more and more people support bitcoin as a form of payment, people seem willing to use this money as their most love cause donation.

So in order to make philanthropy in this highly skilled era continues to develop, more and more charity to provide bitcoin donation options.

In addition, there are also a popular way of encryption of monetary donations donated Tuesday followed by black Friday after bitcoin (BitcoinGivingTuesday). This new global campaign aimed at helping charities and individuals to obtain the bitcoin consciousness, at the same time to all accept charity bitcoin donors to provide a list of.

Although cash still dominates the charity industry, but is determined to accelerate the pace of digital currency, provides additional options for donors, thus reducing the traditional donors to pay the required fee.

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