The United States made the cashless society? Give you the answer polls

The United States made the cashless society? Give you the answer polls

If you read about MarkDice YouTube in the past few years (a video website video), is to ask the average American views and understanding of the current stage, you can’t expect to get a satisfactory answer.

Perhaps Americans more care about their own financial future and not so trivial things like national geographic. Gallup (Gallup poll) made a new poll of Americans, the investigation involves the perceptions of the future cash dollars.

Is a foregone conclusion.

The first question in terms of relatively relatively moderate, but the intent is directly. “Do you think you can achieve a cashless society in the rest of life America, all the purchases are using credit cards, debit cards or other electronic payment methods?” 62% of people think that their power in the rest of life can witness the cashless society, but 36% of people do not think so. In 30% of these people think it is very likely that 11% of people think it is very unlikely. Interestingly this statistic includes not only the young people also includes the elderly. 65 people over the age of 58% that the cashless society is coming, this proportion is only 18-29 of young people 5%.

The number of young people may not take cash out of the more to the problem. Typical in the survey of young people with an average of less than $30 in cash, most do not even take. 65 years of age or older with cash of approximately $60, 30-40 people between the ages of carrying out the largest cash group.

The last question, “when you are out of your love is always carrying cash or cash with it still feel more comfortable?” Young people under the age of 29 more than 50% of people feel more comfortable with cash, while less than 1/3 of 65 years of age or older people also think so. 54% of the respondents said that cash is more comfortable, so at this point most people still love cash.

The poll last month received from 50 states, more than 1000 people participate in the call response, response to the age in 18 years old. It is said that the degree of precision of the survey is as high as 95%. Gallup also recently learned that the “real unemployment rate” is actually 2 times the U.S. Department of labor estimates. Therefore, more than 50% of the people do not recognize the work of Obama.

The global community to further focus towards the development of electronic payment (obviously with bitcoin people will be very happy), or any of the intelligent mobile phone payment. The supervision system and the negative effects of this process is any computer hackers or centralized can supervise the country or the region of all or any of the transactions. This is the convenience and technology progress based on the adjustment, do you think the implementation of “control” of elaborate huge mass economy is an easy thing? In any case, cash will not last long dominated. Such as Sweden and Norway, they are no longer in use of cash, and they will not be the last to give up the use of a stack cash state.

When cash is gone, all transactions will be through banks, government agencies, or digital currency, and you may not have your personal privacy on the property. Wealth is growing, but at your disposal options are less and less. Do you really want to live in a mobile phone can give people $10, and the metadata can track the transaction? When you shout “please think carefully before finally get rid of cash.

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