The United States newspaper USAtoday gabbett celebrated its currency sign was approved for political donations

The United States newspaper USAtoday gabbett celebrated its currency sign was approved for political donations


The United States newspaper USAtoday add a logo to celebrate the bitcoin bitcoin approved for political campaign contributions, the second major newspapers in the United States, the United States changed its website and sign the most widely circulated newspaper print. USAtoday is headquartered in Virginia, the news that appeared in some Americans love bitcoin. At present, USAtoday 50, not only in the local release, the newspaper also sent to the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and britain. USAtoday at the newsstand price is $2, and the hotel and the airport often for their customers to provide a free newspaper.

When you click the USAtoday bitcoin logo, website links to this article in May 9, 2014. The Federal Election Commission unanimously accepted the most equivalent to $100 bitcoin donations at the news, immediately reported CCN.    

About bitcoin is decided to admit its legal status or even more, this also makes the government or other relevant personnel is difficult to further discuss the legitimacy of bitcoin. Now, the United States agreed to bitcoin to raise campaign costs, it also allows the bitcoin community and others to support their politicians. Honestly, I’d rather see bitcoin in other aspects, but in general the decision of the bitcoin bitcoin community and is a good news.

The most important is that the decision to consolidate the use of bitcoin is subject to First Amendment protection and political facts. It is by the Federal Election Commission regulation, and slowly, we will surely see bitcoin even more and more people accept the political level. Imagine, they can use Blockchain to provide transparent political campaign contributions, it is far superior to the traditional banking system now can be done. Further discussion is about equivalent to 100 dollars, but this is not a big problem, because this is the current cash contribution limits. As for the problem of anonymity, it is unclear how they implement these laws or regulations. If you try to trace these donations against hard work and have obvious economic motives do not want to be traced back to the people, it is very difficult. The use of Coinbase or other online payment processor can quickly release system, which will help the public to donate to transparency, cap donation amount, and can be the bitcoin exchange for cash immediately, so politicians can use it in their campaign.   

In a word, this is a landmark event bitcoin. 任何时候你都可以看到显示在有超过700万读者的报纸头版的显眼比特币标志,这肯定是在朝着接受快速增长的加密货币的正确方向继续前进。  

From the tax law now for a political campaign, bitcoin will appear in more and more popular reports in USAtoday.

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