The United States to crack down on hidden assets, consumers use bitcoin to protect privacy

The United States to crack down on hidden assets, consumers use bitcoin to protect privacy

The United States in Panama after the scandal, for tax evasion and money laundering and terrorism has taken new measures. Now look to the bitcoin body, use it to protect your privacy.

In order to curb illegal financial transactions, the Treasury announced a financial regulatory policy tightening last week. This policy involves changes in US banking secrecy laws, its purpose is to prevent funds being hidden in the overseas company.

The first is to modify the provisions of the company’s registered shell company, need to fill out the real owner, does not allow lawyers or other persons to conceal the true identity of confusing ownership puppet owners.

The provisions of article second is still a proposal, hoping to prevent foreign nationals to put their assets in the United States.

Panama scandal

In Panama after the scandal exposed, the implementation of the new regulations is not to a month, a lot of politicians, celebrities, athletes and other wealthy individuals have been exposed to their money in a foreign account.

Many of the world’s elite law firms by MossackFonseca to create a shell company in Panama, its purpose is to hide the wealth and tax evasion, including some famous politicians advocate citizens to pay their fair share of taxes.

Use bitcoin to protect your privacy

With privacy conscious consumers should accept the use of encryption and other bitcoin currency. Bitcoin is online anonymous, so it does not depend on any particular person or location.

Other currencies such as Dash encryption, which provides security features deeper, including coins are mixed, which makes trading difficult to track.

In order to obtain the encrypted currency in the disclosure of personal information or financial information, there are several methods to prevent online transactions: in local bitcoin bitcoin private party, buy with cash, use bitcoin ATM (or BTM), or use a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange like WallofCoins.

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