The United States to crack down on illegal exchange, BTC-e faces a $110 million ticket, when the Mentougou incident behind or surfaced

The United States to crack down on illegal exchange, BTC-e faces a $110 million ticket, when the Mentougou incident behind or surfaced

The U.S. government has filed a lawsuit against BTC-e and illegal operators, and for its long-term operation violations alleged bitcoin exchange process opened a $110 million ticket.

It is reported that the U.S. Justice Department said yesterday was arrested in Greece BTC-e and Russian AlexanderVinnik are associated with a series of crimes, money laundering, business process for six years in exchange for money laundering cases involving major.

Federal prosecutors accused BTC-e suspected of “illegal invasion of computer virus events, extortion fraud, identity theft, bribery and conspiracy government on drug smuggling and other illegal activities engaged in the liquidation of funds.

Vinnik has also been accused of money laundering case 17 and two cases of illegal money transactions. In addition, BTC-e and Vinnik are accused of illegal currency service and a money laundering case.

Prosecutors also accused Vinnik of “receiving the Mt.Gox event is black in the notorious repute of the funds”, which echoes the views of the independent panel of WizSec recently, after the investigation team has been investigating the Mt.Gox event is black in the flow of funds.

According to the Ministry of Justice said that the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinancialCrimesEnforcementNetwork, FinCEN) of the BTC-e fined $110 million and fined $12 million for Vinnik. It is reported that the IRS criminal investigation department (IRS), the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), Federal Bureau of economic intelligence and Homeland Security Bureau of investigation are involved in the criminal investigation.

If convicted, Vinnik could face up to 55 years in prison.

The Mentougou Massacre

Now people mention MtGox this collapse long Japan exchange, will think of the so-called “Mentougou massacre”. In a certain period of 2013, MtGox won most of the global bitcoin trading volume. However, MtGox suffered a massive hacker attack in 2014, 850 thousand bitcoin theft, loss of nearly $454 million worth of coins.

The exchange closed an investigation team event – Wizsec has claimed that most of Mentougou’s capital in its collapse before it was lost.

At present, WizSec has released a report that said there is no clear evidence to show that Vinnik is the MtGox funds stolen behind the hacker.

However, Wizsec said, provides a survey of the ideas of today’s news for MtGox theft: MtGox bitcoin stolen by block chain tracking.

It is worth noting that the survey found that there is a link, network and MtGox wallet lost in a hacking incident in 2011 suffered bitcoin in addition, Bitcoinica exchange in a hacking incident occurred in 2012 and the relevant network wallet. These accounts can be connected to the name “WME” online account, while the Wizsec team believes that this account is dominated by a man called AlexanderVinnik.

In fact, some of the stolen MtGox bitcoin flowed through a BTC-e public purse architecture in a unique way. According to Wizsec, some of the stolen bitcoins directly to a “wallet” second layers, which they never noticed before. This finding, together with the Vinnik and BTC-e of this exchange are linked, thought-provoking.

It is unclear whether Vinnik was arrested, will lead to the MtGox and Bitcoinica theft hackers behind the surface.

Harsh statement

U.S. government officials announced on the charges, also issued a serious warning of digital currency exchange.

Deputy Minister FinCEN JamalEl-Hindi said in a statement:

“We will for those foreign currency transfer business (moneytransmitter) accountability, including virtual currency exchange, as long as they are engaged in business activities in the United States to intentionally violate the anti money laundering law, we will be investigated in the end.”

“For those who think they can through the encryption of virtual currency transactions, processing ransomware in the dark net or drug involved in illegal activities of the people, this action is a warning. The FinCEN team and our law enforcement partners will be global and relevant departments together to those who try to violate the laws and to ignore the AML measures of virtual currency exchange operators and appropriate supervision.”

The statement there is no evidence that the U.S. government will permanently close the exchange, just a few hours ago, the exchange also said it will return to normal.

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