The United States will adjust bitcoin deeply through the $900 billion stimulus plan

Today’s market showed a huge decline, of which bitcoin fell by 5%; other projects also showed different degrees of decline. This time, the 24-hour opening amount reached 375 million US dollars, and more than 30000 people were sold. No, it’s not tragic. For domestic investors, the liquor industry is definitely the hot spot in the past two days; Maotai, Wuliangye reached a new high; other liquor companies performed well; this makes us wonder why there are so many industrial and Internet companies, but it is the liquor industry that has repeatedly created miracles; liquor has such a good performance in the stock market, what funds are chasing after liquor I’m afraid we need to think deeply. As a result of the epidemic variation in Britain in the past two days, great panic has been caused; there has been an emergency suspension of flights in European countries; this kind of thing is reflected in the European stock market, which is undoubtedly a general drop; whether it is the FTSE 100 in the UK, DAX30 in Germany or CAC40 in France, they all fell sharply yesterday; according to the current situation, the market should not be 3.12 at that time Because people’s self filtering consciousness should be familiar with this situation. For the investment market, it is not without good news; on the evening of the 21st, the US House of Representatives and the Senate voted to pass a total of 900 billion US dollars of economic stimulus plan; this is the same as previous times, it can directly distribute cash to people who meet the conditions; when such incentive funds are distributed to individuals, it should be about $600; just don’t know these people It’s possible to buy bitcoin again after you get the dollar. Bitcoin has not fallen since it stood at 20000 US dollars. It can be seen that its price support is very strong. Many people clear their bitcoin positions around 17000 dollars. They thought they were going to take it back at a low price, but now it seems that it is very difficult. Maybe bitcoin will fall another 20000 dollars, but investors will not necessarily seize it, because they still hope to fall To lower. Can understand the nature can also understand, can not understand the nature of the low price will feel high. Grayscale announced on Monday that its bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, letcoin trust fund and gray digital large market value fund will not accept new investment at present. It is understood that gray will regularly block its cryptocurrency Trust Fund for so-called “private placement.”. GBTC repeated this operation in the fourth quarter of 2019. Analysts at JPMorgan said on Monday that a sharp slowdown in GBTC inflows could increase the possibility of bitcoin price correction. (Babbitt) many people think that it is a bad luck. In fact, gray scale will block trust funds on a regular basis every year. However, the difference is that there has never been a year when investors have been so dependent on gray, and they have never felt that gray has such an important role. So any gray level action will be infinitely enlarged. In fact, if you understand it, you will understand what’s going on. Gray scale GBTC now has a premium of 40% and the price is $8. In fact, investors should feel more expectation for the later bitcoin price. After all, the high price has been pulling bitcoin forward. The recent market is actually fluctuating. As long as the price of bitcoin does not fall sharply, there is a great opportunity for counterfeit currency to rise in the future. I believe this is what we are most concerned about. In addition to bitcoin, I have also arranged a lot of counterfeit coins, including Boca, grapefruit, Weilian and so on. After all, when the market really comes, it is counterfeit coins that can really bring wealth to the public;

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