The use of bitcoin fraud, affecting 2000 people, fraud amount of nearly 100 million yuan!

The degree of hot bitcoin in recent years is not less than that of a new field, the discussion of the heat with the bitcoin price fluctuations and show great fluctuation. But there is no legal status based on mainstream countries too much that bitcoin, so the actual use of bitcoin in the actual business or livelihood in the field basically has not appeared.

Now the use of bitcoin mostly people who? Bitcoin has been used in what way? It is understood that the father of bitcoin, Nakamoto bitcoin idea is to create a center, without any stress of electronic cash payment system. Although the use of bitcoin initially only a small part of the “geek”, back when bitcoin gradually gained popularity, users are more “grey” in the field of business people, this one of the most famous is the “bitcoin Silk Road”, “as everyone knows bitcoin on the silk road is illegal the black transaction, then” bitcoin Silk Road “was also knocked out American FBI.

But now the emergence of bitcoin as a “financial fraud gimmick”. Shortly before the network there is a bitcoin scam, it is claimed that an automatic design system software transaction bitcoin, can borrow the trading platform to spread profit, and this is indeed a lot of people.

The amount of investment in the range from 10 thousand to 160 thousand, with the victim the police said, thought through investment in a small profit, did not think it was falling into the bitcoin Ponzi scheme. Fraud group saw the recent fire bitcoin, set up a website on the Internet, that developed the new bitcoin robots, can earn spreads in each bitcoin exchange, as long as the investment stood to profit, the profit amounted to 20% per week, as long as 2000 yuan will be able to invest, will give the victim to profit. But once the victim overweight, start playing missing each other.

According to media reports, together, only about 10% people get a portion of the profits, a total of about more than 2000 people injured, estimated fraud amount of nearly 100 million yuan. On the other hand the face of the emerging virtual currency scam, also does not have the perfect countermeasures. Virtual currency fraud, from the network, from the community group spread quickly, even if the site has been closed, will soon start. Recently, similar new website, is ready to.

The author here to remind you, do not think that virtual currency investment will make a very fire. Must keep clear mind and vigilance on financial fraud, lest the deeper, eventually ended up down the drain.

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