The use of bitcoin to buy coffee in Starbucks has become a reality.

The use of bitcoin to buy coffee in Starbucks has become a reality.

Bitcoin wallet mobile phone application Airbitz has a partnership with Fold, which makes Starbucks gift card application can accept bitcoin payment, and the money into their own applications. In announcing the cooperation with Fold application, Airbitz said it will help new people use bitcoin, and will encourage more consumers to start using bitcoin. In addition, Fold also allows users to enjoy certain concessions in Taghit and whole foods company.

Many bitcoin users from Fold have to give Starbucks gift card preferential benefit; users to use bitcoin to pay bills can get 20% discount.

Airbitz simplifies the operation flow of Fold

Airbitz Fold further simplifies the operation process, even if the operation process is quite simple, Airbitz will write a blog post. By using the Airbitz trading function, the user can use the service with their bank account, so you can directly buy gift cards.

In addition to these concessions, Airbitz application also allows consumers through another bitcoin trading bitcoin wallet application Glidera.

According to the International Business Times reported that, in order to implement the cooperation with Fold, Airbitz developed by Starbucks inspired apron. In addition, the next few weeks, Airbitz will also distribute more than ten thousand copies of leaflets outside the coffee shop.

How it works

The application of Airbitz in the “setting” function, the user can choose to “buy / sell / consumption.” Set the function in the Android device on the left side, right in iPhone operating system. The user can then select in Starbucks or enjoy up to 20% discount in Taghit. Money may be added by the amount of gift cards to choose. While the rest of the money will be returned to the Airbitz application.

Starbucks’s customers can be loaded into the bitcoin Fold application, then the purchase amount from bitcoin wallet allocated to the virtual Starbucks gift card. Next, the customer can take their intelligent mobile phone came to Starbucks to let the barista scan two-dimensional code. While the Fold will put the remaining money back to the customer’s wallet.

Fold received a lot of attention in the past year

Starbucks and other local customers in the Reddit website commented that they have been using the Fold application in September this year re listing. It is the first version of officially launched in more than a year ago.

Fold said on its website, it does not belong to Starbucks, Taghit or whole foods company. When CNN said Fold application re listing, Starbucks declined to comment.

The Fold plan over Starbucks, the retail industry development in Taghit and whole foods company.

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