The use of black dark network emerge in an endless stream other encryption currency bitcoin payment evade supervision

The use of black dark network emerge in an endless stream other encryption currency bitcoin payment evade supervision

Recently, the international law enforcement departments together in the global cyber crime joint investigation, destroyed an “Alfa bay” and “the” two are called “dark” illegal online black market, monthly in the above transactions in drugs, obscene goods and weapons worth tens of millions of dollars. There were from the United States, Holland, Thailand, Canada, Britain, France and other dozens of government regulators involved in the strike activities.

The US Attorney General Sessi said later in a press conference held in Washington: “this is probably one of the most important criminal investigation this year, the largest in the history of the dark network market was destroyed. These criminal organizations believe that they can through the dark network with impunity crime.” However, he also admitted that the law enforcement agencies are facing new challenges from transnational organized crime. Alfa Bay is the world’s largest dark network mall, the third largest in the world.

The so-called dark net, is a kind of encrypted website, they hide in the depths of the sea of Internet, ordinary users cannot access only through anonymous proxy tools to access these hidden sites, which is a proxy tool called Tor can access 30 thousand dark network, the whole flow of Internet traffic 3.4%.

In the unregulated dark network world, filled with illegal arms, drugs, pornography and financial fraud and other transactions. According to a statement of Europol, since Alfa Bay was founded in 2014, has a total turnover of more than $1 billion. In many countries in recent years, the drug and gun deaths caused by the incident, investigators have found a dark network role.

In March 2016, the United States China police according to the clues and use of network dissemination of pornographic information children cases, and destroy the hidden behind the criminal gangs, deception and long-term sexual abuse of children, making pornographic videos and pictures on the Internet selling profit evil industry chain.

In the case China police told the media: “to see so many children Chinese childhood into a nightmare, each of US police investigators both angry and sad, unspeakable. Can imagine (crime) are here, only by virtue of the traditional means of investigation cannot be found.”

Provides a secret channel to recruit staff, buy weapons dark network for terrorists. The United Nations group of experts submitted to the UN Security Council report warned that the “Islamic state” and “base” organizations such as the use of dark network to recruit foreign members, planning to launch attacks, the encrypted information even if the highest level of security agencies can not crack, governments should maintain vigilance.

Last May, law enforcement officers began an investigation of Alfa Bay, found the above illegal drugs and chemicals trading more than 250 thousand entries, the stolen identity card and credit card transaction data of more than 100 thousand entries. The founder and administrator of a 25 year old Canadian Alexander Katz living in Thailand, have more luxury cars and many mansions.

In July 4th this year, the investigators closed Alfa bay. In July 5th, by the Thailand authorities detained katz. U.S. prosecutors to drug trafficking, money laundering, identity theft and other charges for his allegations, however, during the period of Katz in the 12 Dutch act died in custody.

After being knocked out in Alfa Bay, the underground illegal transactions quickly gathered the surge in trading volume, caused by the latter. In July 20th, Holland and other countries announced the permanent closure of the, 2 million euros worth of bitcoin is not checked.

In fact, whether or not the Alfa Bay, the earliest dark net, in early October 2013, the FBI has seized a dedicated to bitcoin trading weapons and drug trafficking website “Silk Road”, the site also only through the Tor connection, the site’s founder Ross Ublishn, encouraged to sell drugs money laundering, computer attacks and other charges, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Although a variety of dark black market network but they have emerge in an endless stream, a common feature is the use of payment in bitcoin or other encryption currency.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency in 2009 from the network encryption geek forum, different from the virtual electronic currency in the past, which solves the problem of the central clearing clearing conditions, which does not need to rely on the bank to complete the payment process. To avoid the current financial supervision system, and in any form, so by the online market favor.

A Carnegie Mellon University study pointed out that the criminals in the dark net annual profit of about $100 million. The virtual currency bitcoin dark network traffic, does not require a credit card and bank account information to complete the transaction, to escape regulation. (a financial network)

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