The White House bitcoin and had a strong interest in financial technology

The White House bitcoin and had a strong interest in financial technology

Using the recent bitcoin block chain technology has been talking about the highest level of authority in the white house. The White House, is the United States government has found a digital currency exists, and to recognize the digital currency potential technology can not be ignored. Special assistant to AdrienneHarris president of the United States issued a blog to explain the economic policy of the United states.

This called “the future of finance is now in” the article in this month’s No. 10 posted on the White House’s official blog, the article discusses how the customer in recent days to deal with their own financial and customer support or oppose the use of the financial system to handle their finances.

This blog is Adrienne to the White House Conference held recently introduced, the main interests of all financial areas of science and technology in the conference of the stakeholders have been invited. The presence of the traditional financial service providers, financial technology start-up companies, investors and policy makers. The primary objective is to understand the financial field of science and technology changing situation, and consider the customer and the enterprise how to accept it, so as to make policies in line with customer and business interests.

Discussion and interaction

At the White House panel discussion is hosted by PennyPritzker, he was the Secretary of Commerce, his duty is for the government to confirm these digital currency based companies and entrepreneurs have the ability and resources to establish a required advanced areas of science and technology in the financial industry.

The other to participate in the discussion include small business administration, the Ministry of finance, affairs, judicial organs, City Council of economic advisers, the U.S. Agency for international development, etc.. The Ministry of finance has played an important role in the financial system, the Ministry of finance during discussions about financial service innovation project, and entrepreneurs how to profit in this project, the current and future market borrowing is discussed, the payment processing system to prevent fraud and network security problems. The White House is actively involved in the sign of public-private partnership, its aim is to achieve the improvement of the broader financial areas of science and technology, and promote the economic development of the whole country. The White House to convey a view shared by many other governments, when it comes to the block chain and bitcoin technology, they are actually the driving force of financial technology.

If according to the plan of development, we can expect the United States government not only can easily accept bitcoin blockchain and technology, but also help them develop.

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