The Winkelvoss brothers: the bitcoin market may be up to $1 trillion

The Winkelvoss brothers: the bitcoin market may be up to $1 trillion

Winklevoss twins bitcoin digital currency and always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, recently told the U.S. cable news network (CNN) interview, their positive and optimistic attitude has not changed.

Last week we reported that the Winklevoss twins launched a compliance exchange Gemini (Gemini), and they have a will be listed on the NASDAQ ETF fund and launched a WinkDex bitcoin price index, then the ETF fund will also be included in the index. In the interview, they firmly bitcoin can be accepted by mainstream society position.

They said, reaching $400 billion in the next five years at least bitcoin market. More interesting is the bitcoin market capitalization is approximately equal to the American Express (AXP), Vesa (V), MasterCard (MA) and Western Union (WU) the four largest global payment giant company total capital.

They expect bitcoin can become a safe haven assets – store of value – and the current gold similar.

Taylor Winkelvoss said: if bitcoin is a better gold or gold as an asset, then bitcoin market will rise to $1 trillion… We think… These are the very real possibility.

When it comes to the recent price decline, Cameron Winkelvoss said: This is a great opportunity to buy, we never sell bitcoin. We do long-term investment – most people see is from the profits…… it will have a lot of time fluctuations. But it is new, must pass the test of the market.

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