The woman in the bitcoin scam cheated 270 million, police busted 35 fraud Gang

[women encounter bitcoin scam cheated 270 million, 35 police busted fraud Gang] 9 months of this year, Nanjing police after 2 months of inter provincial track, successfully destroyed a large inter provincial communication network fraud Gang, arresting more than one 70. The suspect was arrested, Nanjing police did not stop, in the multi police work and efforts, 270 million money the victim Ms. Deng cheated has recovered. 12 18 April morning, Nanjing police will officially return to the lost money the victim Ms. deng. It is understood that at the beginning of this year 6 month, Ms. Deng lived in Jiangning through the net selling know a man claiming to be “Liu Jianjun” man, they talk very speculative, when it comes to money in this regard, Liu to Ms. Deng recommended a bitcoin investment platform, through the platform to make call themselves before a lot of money, and your account information and share Ms. deng. In Liu’s egg, Ms. Deng skeptical, after 4 times through the platform to invest a total of RMB 270 million, during the account has not lose, and then after the last cast 110 million, Ms. Deng found platform “open”, which means that she had to account for the 270 million yuan a total loss, even down due to more than $6 platform. Ms. Deng’s Liu questioned how, in order to appease the mood of Ms. Deng, Liu still insists that the late Ms. Deng will put a loss of 270 million all returned to her. However, despite repeatedly asked Ms. Deng and Liu meet to talk, but he always refused for various reasons and shirk. You may doubt Ms. Deng cheated downhearted, decided to the police for help. After receiving the report, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation, network security and other departments under the strong support of the Public Security Bureau in Jiangning high tech Zone Branch Station in conjunction with the relevant departments dispatched elite police task force composed of. In the preliminary investigation, the special team has three times to Fujian Fuzhou investigation Mopai, according to the clues, after more than a month of investigation, eventually locked in Fuzhou in an office building of two suspected dens. 9 month 27 day, Nanjing police dispatched 80 police officers to Fuzhou, ready to catch the net. 28 am, the assistance of local police, the police task force decisive attack, destroyed in one fell swoop Xu LED large inter provincial network fraud gang. Captured at the scene, the police found the computer more than 100 units, more than 80 mobile phone dialer virtual, more than 30 units, and a plurality of bitcoin false K-line chart. In the police arrest, the criminals are using the network virtual identity while landing dozens of WeChat account to chat with friends to commit fraud, at present, the 35 suspects including Liu, on suspicion of fraud has been Nanjing police criminal detention, the two principal Xu and liaomou court has been approved the arrest. After the suspects to justice, the case for the work is still not the end. Considering the huge amount of fraud, in order to further restore victim losses, police investigators repeatedly went to the detention center, and the Xu communication and education, culminating in the efforts of the police, the gang Xu defrauding 2 million 700 thousand yuan Ms. Deng all return. December 18th morning, Nanjing police officially took large amounts of money 2 million 700 thousand yuan officially returned to the victim, Ms. Deng said, I never expect to recover the money, Nanjing police solve the case quickly makes it very comforting, but did not think that the money can be recovered, is really very excited, very grateful to the Nanjing police! It is understood that the amount of money refund and reimbursement of integrity in Nanjing in recent years fraud detection is the first case in. The source of Longhu

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