The woman is bitcoin computer virus “kidnapping”, 3 bitcoin recovery

The woman is bitcoin computer virus “kidnapping”, 3 bitcoin recovery


In October 18th, according to Xiamen daily news reports is to open a message, then happened to Ms. Peng people shocked: computer instantly paralyzed, as controlled by hackers, all files are all open. While Ms. Peng will not worry about office documents lost, a letter of English “blackmail” pop out “file not open? Want to buy a bitcoin recovery, 3.” Ms. Peng check, a bitcoin to 4000 yuan, 3 yuan is 12000, my computer has been kidnapped?!”

Yesterday, the reporter consulted the 360 Anti-Virus Engineer, for you to uncover the true face of bitcoin virus.

Buy 3 coins, in order to restore the computer

The morning of September 23rd 9, Ms. Peng was sitting in front of the computer office. Suddenly, a new email sent, did not see the sender, Ms. Peng used in place. Instant card in the computer desktop state can not move.

Ms. Peng scared into a cold sweat, there are a lot of important documents in the computer! But whether Ms. Peng click on any computer folder, no reaction, “will not be poisoned?!”

While Ms. Peng anxious, a English page out, “file not open? Want to buy a bitcoin recovery, 3.” What is bitcoin? Ms. Peng quickly using a mobile phone Baidu, it is be startled at a bitcoin, the price to 4000 yuan, “then I would not have to spend 12000 yuan tie?”

The alarm at the same time, Ms. Peng had to find the company’s technical staff will be computer format.

The victim after the payment of ransom, may still be unable to decrypt the computer

How can we effectively prevent bitcoin virus “? To this end, the reporter consulted the 360 anti virus engineer Wang Liang.

“Bitcoin virus is mainly encrypted files, extort money. Since bitcoin is an anonymous virtual currency, so it is difficult to keep track of the payee.” Wang Liang told reporters that this type of virus is usually spread through the mail or the Internet, the horse once caught, the computer in all kinds of documents will be of high strength encryption, if not pay the ransom, probably can not restore the file.

Wang Liang said that at present, bitcoin virus by several “family” (Gang) in common, each family is different for the crowd. From the point of view of the spread of the victims, the first is to do foreign trade of the crowd, they often receive some foreign mail, cause the computer to move; then, the family began to directed all kinds of enterprises, schools send “phishing”; as of now, has been specifically linked to horse spread to ordinary users. “Perhaps there is fraud, after the poisoning, most of which can be restored by paying the ransom, but also after the payment of ransom will not provide a decryption phenomenon.”

Bitcoin virus

It is understood that the bitcoin bitcoin trojan virus also called, once caught, will not only encrypt 114 format files in the computer, but also pop “extortion” machine. In early 2014, bitcoin virus appeared in foreign countries, at the beginning of 2015, began to appear in china. It is called a bitcoin virus, but also because the virus will require victims to pay 3 bitcoin as ransom for the purchase of decryption software.

English read after all files are encrypted

Chengdu also has the public “poisoning”

Recently, the same thing is staged in the Chengdu public Lee body. According to the October 11th “Huaxidoushibao” reports, the afternoon of October 4th, Mr. Lee’s children finish English homework with a computer after the computer is not closed, after an hour, the computer suddenly issued a English reading, not for a while, the computer desktop is modified.

After 6 days, Mr. Li still keep the computer desktop look, the desktop background becomes white, the middle of the screen there are several lines of green English, all the files on the desktop are changed format. Mr. Li try on the desktop English, “file and data is encrypted, the only way is to pay 3 security decryption to buy bitcoin decrypt files. If using third party software decryption, will suffer irreparable loss.” After a few words with web site, just click, you can buy bitcoin. Mr. Li rushed to the local police station, and wait for the police investigation process.


Important data backup in time

This kind of virus, focusing on defense, Wang Liang remind the public friends to pay attention to the following points:

1, the important data timely backup, the backup exists in multiple places, preventing damage and loss data encrypted etc..

2, good system and software patches, prevention of various types of horse and vulnerability attacks.

3, to develop good surfing habits, do not easily open to strangers e-mail attachments.

4, choose a reliable security software to protect your computer from all kinds of Trojan viruses

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