The women’s investment bitcoin fooled interprovincial police cracked the network fraud case recovered 2 million 700 thousand

Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Ning Gongxuan reporter Ji Yuxuan) recently, the Nanjing provincial police after 2 months of follow-up, successfully destroyed a large inter provincial communication network fraud Gang, arresting more than 70 people in one fell swoop.

6 at the beginning of the month, Ms. Deng lived in Jiangning through the net selling a man claiming to be “Liu Jianjun”, Liu to Ms. Deng recommended a bitcoin investment platform in Liu’s egg, Ms. Deng has 4 times through the platform to invest a total of RMB 270 million, during the account has been can not lose, then at the end of a cast 110 million, Ms. Deng found platform “open”, which means the account in the 270 million total loss, even it owed more than $6 platform. Ms. Deng cheated the suspect to the police. After receiving the report, the Public Security Bureau in Jiangning high tech Zone police dispatched elite police task force composed of Fuzhou, eventually locked in an office building of two suspected dens. In September 27th, Nanjing police deployed more than 80 police officers to Fuzhou. The assistance of the local police, the police task force decisive attack, destroyed in one fell swoop Xu LED large inter provincial network fraud gang. The morning of December 18th, the Nanjing police recovered 2 million 700 thousand officially returned to the victim Ms. deng.

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