The world’s first bitcoin blockchain & Conference will be held in Philippines in Manila

The world’s first bitcoin blockchain & Conference will be held in Philippines in Manila

The block chain before 100 large coffee, before the 500 lawyers will attend held in Philippines Manila the world’s first bitcoin blockchain & conference. In addition, the conference will also discuss the encrypted digital currency in e-commerce and cross-border remittances, as well as the role of the digital economy. There is no doubt that many celebrities and global currency circle circle chain will gather in Philippines.

The world’s first bitcoin blockchain & Conference will be held in Philippines City

In January 25, 2018, Philippines block chain & bitcoin conference will be held in Manila, the conference will focus on the encryption of digital currency, block chain and ICO. Participants will discuss how to affect bitcoin e-commerce, cross-border remittance, and digital money going to help the transformation of the global economy. This conference will attract many experts from the United States, Britain, Germany and Philippines to participate in.

When the electronic commerce met bitcoin business

When bitcoin, e-commerce industry, what changes will happen? This problem will be described as a JimmyNguyen, with 21 years of experience in the industry occupation managers and lawyers, he worked in the fields of multinational companies and start-ups, JimmyNguyen will be explained in detail in the bitcoin integrated into the e-commerce field involved in the supervision methods, and how to change the field of IT.

Lawdragon magazine has called the JimmyNguyen “outstanding talent”, but also because of its excellent leadership, Jimmy DiversityMBA magazine as “top 100 outstanding leaders under the age of 50”. Now, he served as head of the nChain block chain industry Research Development Corp.

The encrypted digital currency and cross-border remittances

This conference is another topic – encrypted digital currency effects on e-commerce, the theme will be “by the author LuisBuenaventura bitcoin cross-border remittance” a book for remodeling this. He will explain in detail how to introduce to the center of the technology to change the cross-border remittances.

Luis has nearly ten years of financial industry of science and Technology entrepreneurial experience in Philippines, he is currently the chief scientific officer of BloomSolution company, responsible for providing software solutions for the traditional cross-border remittance business, including the integration of block chain technology, provide customer service chat robot, the development of global real-time payment universal application interface. In addition, he also encrypt the digital currency industry well-known media website Bitsonline has opened a column, write the article.

Digital tokens will bring what effect?

IsmailMalik is a block chain industry renowned experts, has been named RiseGlobal 100 industry professionals the most influence in the field of chain block. He will explain digital tokens and ICO industry development and prospects. IsmailMalik has 20 years of experience in related fields, including asset management, encryption of digital currency, and emerging markets such as mobile payment. In his speech, he will discuss digital tokens of the impact on the economy and its importance.

Ismail currently serves as the founder and chief executive officer of BlockchainLab, they are also the only one in the Canary Wharf Group (CanaryWharfGroup), the world’s largest financial chain block technology venture to accelerate the project’s Level39. In addition, Ismail is also encrypted digital currency investment media website ICOCROWD editor.

The impact of digital tokens on the global economy

KambizDjafari is the founder of the block chain, the company provides users with an education platform based on Ethernet fang. At the same time, he is also a professional consultant and ICO encryption digital currency industry.

KambizDjafari believes that the future of real assets digital tokens is inevitable. At the meeting, he will explain the basic functions and advantages of digital tokens, and explain the 2018-2019 years which will be digital tokens to subvert the industry. As a block chain of industry experts and early investors, Kambiz will regularly report in the international financial activities in science and technology.

The supervision of the Philippines block chain industry

The conference will set up a special discussion group, Philippines authorities will take what regulatory measures to block chain industry, this part will be made by the software company MergeCommit JamesFlorentino, the director responsible for the company focused on providing the block chain technology based products and services. As a block chain of industry experts, James will coordinate the discussion, so that each participant can discuss activities related to legal matters in Philippines.

Prior to founding MergeCommit, James worked in service design and software engineering industry for ten years. In 2013, he became the co-founder of Philippines’s first bitcoin exchange BuyBitcoin.

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