The world’s first! Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash) Embassy in Cyprus

The world’s first! Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash) Embassy in Cyprus

In 2018, the world’s first bitcoin cash embassy will open in Cyprus, the second largest city of Limassol. The founder of financial technology company HelloGroup, responsible person, there will be an open community center, where people can talk about encryption currency, to participate in free discussion and attend regular meeting will be held in contact with industry experts.

The Republic of Cyprus, referred to as Cyprus, is an island located in the junction of Europe and Asia, in the eastern Mediterranean, joined the EU in May 1, 2004. Limassol is the island’s second largest city, the largest and most important trade port and commercial center, finance, insurance, services and other more developed.

Cyprus is the ideal place to hold encryption currency. It is a lot of need to reduce costs to the cross-border transfer of Europe, Russia and the Middle East’s overseas financial center. In addition, Nicosia University in the country is also the world’s first digital currency offers a master’s degree in academic institutions, local acceptance of encryption currency is very high.

Due to the bitcoin cash performance in terms of speed and cost is quite outstanding, many supporters of the establishment of the embassy is very excited about the news of cash. After that information, the founder of RoySebag Goldmoney just tweeted that want your company as soon as possible will bitcoin cash into the business, because bitcoin transactions need 10 hours to confirm, but bitcoin cash is much more efficient.

Many advocates also believe that the concept of bitcoin cash is more loyal to the encryption currency. Japan’s financial giant SBIHoldings CEO Yoshidaka Mio (YoshitakaKitao) recently said: “Nakamoto was initially written bitcoin white paper vision requires a P2P electronic cash system. The vision is very great, the SBI group will invest more resources, construction can be a daily payment in the global bitcoin future cash.”

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