The world’s largest electronics market in Akihabara embrace bitcoin shop more and more accept bitcoin payments

The world’s largest electronics market in Akihabara embrace bitcoin shop more and more accept bitcoin payments

In Japan, known as “the world’s largest electronics market” Akihabara, accepting bitcoin shops are increasing, so the use of bitcoin is growing.

The world’s largest market for electronic equipment

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Akiba Hara is the world’s largest market for electronic equipment, this region is also the most tourists love to. Tokyo Tourism Bureau, Tokyo travel guide, will be described as “Akihabara electronics district of the world famous”.

Wikitravel in Akihabara wrote: “the region has thousands of stores selling every technical gadget you can imagine, from the computer to the game machine, vacuum cleaner to DVD. This area is also known as the “game player Mecca ‘, and recently in the anime / manga subculture is strongly marked.”

Although full of high-tech store, people may still be expected to find more love technology products. But so far, only a few stores to accept bitcoin payments. However, as more and more shops began to embrace digital currency bitcoin adoption rate increasing.

BizCamera is Japan’s leading consumer electronics retailer chain stores. The chain stores in Akihabara Thursday opened the first shop, and began to accept bitcoin payments on the same day the use of Japan’s largest bitcoin exchange services provided by Bitflyer. This is BizCamera to accept bitcoin payments third stores. The first two places still accepted today and promote the use of bitcoin.

In addition to BicCamera, there are some other small shops in the area to accept bitcoin. The ark computer stores accept bitcoin, and local favorite high-tech shops in Monaco, earlier this month to accept bitcoin payments. The ark PC parts and game equipment sales. The company is located in the bitcoin exchange Zaif and the parent company of the Osaka Bureau of science and technology companies to accept bitcoin payments.

In addition to the retail store, there are other types of companies to accept bitcoin there. For example, Akiba Hara’s Dualtap Property Management Company recently announced that accept bitcoin through Coincheck, this is Japan’s another prominent bitcoin exchange. The company provides one-stop service for international and domestic property development, sales, management and building maintenance.

Some food agencies also accept bitcoin, such as AuTokyoite, a restaurant and bar, with cheese and Swiss Hot pot delicacy in akihabara.

Although most of the shops still do not directly accept bitcoin, but many shops accept smart cards, such as the popular Suica and Pasmo card. Both the use of SONY Felica technology. Recently, FelicaMarketing is trying to put these smart cards into hardware bitcoin wallet. If the launch, customers can choose the contactless smart card in their more stores to Akihabara bitcoin payment.

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