The Zimbabwe Exchange Square and increase the etheric bitcoin bitcoin to buy gold re enabled

The Zimbabwe Exchange Square and increase the etheric bitcoin bitcoin to buy gold re enabled


Zimbabwe unique encryption currency trading platform has added the etheric Fang (Etherium) and bitcoin gold (BitcoinGold), in order to achieve the country’s two digital assets transaction.

Zimbabwe encryption currency exchange Friday in an e-mail to the trading platform user said: “we are now on the site added Ethernet square and bitcoin gold. Golix trading platform has allowed the bitcoin trading platform, but in the technical failure after traders suffered two days of chaos in order.” Golix also said on Friday that the trading platform has been restored. We would like to inform you that Golix is currently working in Zimbabwe, “the exchange for bitcoin traders and platform of the user’s e-mail said.

Experts said the platform, bitcoin in Zimbabwe and the trade has been very stable.

In the past few months, bitcoin prices have been soaring in the global scope, is almost two times the world average. On Friday, Zimbabwe bitcoin prices have more than $30 thousand, because the country is still in effect from a liquidity crunch and foreign exchange.

The finance minister Chinamasa announced new measures, such as expanding the use of digital currency, and by increasing exports to ease the shortage of foreign exchange and deal with the new measures of Zimbabwe transnational corporations and individuals facing problems such as remittance.

Golix said, in order to protect the traders and the holder is not affected by price fluctuations, the exchange order has been suspended for two days, which is to solve the technical problem, and this problem will take longer to solve.

Golix said, “we decided to cancel all pending, to protect you from the effects of currency fluctuations in the price of encryption. It took so long time to solve the problem, but in the repair of production problems, it is very important for us, because we have to spend time and must be careful.”

Economists say Zimbabwe, the country’s bitcoin prices soared in Zimbabwe reflects the other assets of the suspect, and not through formal channels to the foreign remittance and other issues.

Last October, Golix bitcoin transactions worth $1 million, because banks in Zimbabwe failed to complete the international transactions on time. The Zimbabwe government also said that mobile wallet prices have been rising, and regulators in Zimbabwe said Thursday that as of the end of September third quarter, mobile wallet transactions amounted to $1 billion 200 million.

However, the statistics do not include the value of bitcoin transactions, because the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) said that in Zimbabwe, bitcoin is not yet legal, because the bank is still in the bitcoin transactions in the country of use.

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