There is no electricity and Internet bitcoin can continue to exist?

There is no electricity and Internet bitcoin can continue to exist?

Bitcoin experts recently discovered a new problem, without power and network, bitcoin can survive?

Experts believe that this problem affects the large-scale use of bitcoin’s future prospects, they suggested on this issue should now make some preparations in advance, so it has more social problems.

According to past experience, large-scale adoption of bitcoin, it needs to become a mainstream application, and approved by the government. And so on and bitcoin users in the “doomsday” (“preppers” and “survivalists.”) are in conflict.

The end of, including two people. One is that the end of one day will come, they all need to prepare for emergencies in advance. The second survivors, they often exercise their primitive survival ability, so that one day from the modern civilization is still able to live.

“Doomsday” is a faithful believer of liberalism and to the center, they have a common point, do not rely too much on the modern civilized life. Experts believe that the bitcoin community need to balance the user’s opinion, to coordinate the bitcoin regulation and state control of the trend.

The doctrine of bitcoin’s concern is that if there is no electricity and Internet, bitcoin can survive? Therefore they offer bitcoin should be separated from the existing social support, including government approval. This conforms to the initial design concept in the Cong.

However, in the field of communication, some sound bitcoin community thinks “doomsday” have hindered the development of bitcoin at the present stage, members of the community to the others openly expressed hostility or contempt. While questioning the end nationalists corresponding to accept government regulation of bitcoin will have greater development, because the government approval often means the center of the center of the bitcoin is how out of modern civilization?

In this conflict, some experts have proposed a deeper problem: if the received government approval to appear bitcoin center, and eventually led to the collapse of bitcoin network system, leaving power and network infrastructure environment whether bitcoin can continue to survive?

Experts said, he believes bitcoin can survive tenaciously, but also as part of economic deterioration and continue to increase, such as venezuela.

Because in such a chaotic region, people have tasted the sweetness of bitcoin, will set up the trading system similar to the current bitcoin blockchain spontaneous power, and the network is accelerating the speed of transaction confirmation. In the small region, even if there is no electricity and network support, bitcoin can also lower the efficiency to survive. Remember that the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Only in this way, the use of bitcoin want bigger and bigger scale is difficult to achieve.

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