There is no good news, bitcoin is difficult to continue to rise

After the last digital money market prices rose across the board, and the restoration of the old daily decline. Those hoping for a rise. Today I will be disappointed, but not to make selling cabbage fuck the heart of selling heroin money, it really is to hold the Department of buddha.

Just yesterday, bitcoin up in time, I will silently read the whole network is a bitcoin, and found no abnormal what, instead of bitcoin cash ABC contrarian rose, which had very suspicious, since BCHABC and BSV bifurcation after war has not stopped.

And the more than 10000 node compared to the number of bitcoin nodes and go back to the more than 9000. So it may be concluded that new quickly pull disc short-term trend, want to There are plenty of people who eager to cash years ago.

With a small part of the short-term rise in the miner’s encore, but it does not take a long time to maintain. I’m afraid to come before the good news and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission until Nasdaq, this year should be not what good news.

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