There thousands of bitcoin ATM machine in Switzerland overnight!

There thousands of bitcoin ATM machine in Switzerland overnight!

At the end of October, the Swiss National Railway Company SBB announced a surprising news: the plan from the beginning of November 11th, all the train station ticket machine in Switzerland will sell bitcoin. This pilot program will continue for at least two years, the Swiss Financial Services Company responsible for the operation of sweepay. To buy bitcoin customers, they need to prepare a Swiss mobile phone number and a bitcoin wallet.

It is reported that the transaction fixed upper limit of this service is 500 francs (about 460 euros, 500 dollars). SBB the ticket machine now seems to have become a bitcoin ATM machine, which is composed of more than 1000 machines Switzerland bitcoin ATM network is working round the clock.

More than 1000 bitcoin ATM machine in Switzerland overnight, reporters for the first time have been testing this service.

In fact, very simple to buy bitcoin in SBB machine, you only need to do the following steps:

Choose “other services” (Otheroffers), and then click the “prepaid” (Prepaid);

Click “recharge bitcoin” (TopupBitcoin), the machine will remind you to scan two-dimensional code your bitcoin wallet. (if you can’t complete the scan, you may need to change a wallet, and try to increase your mobile phone screen brightness.)

After the scan is completed, we need to enter the required amount of the purchase (any number between 20-500 francs), and confirm. (note that each transaction will charge about 6% of the transaction fees and expenses caused by exchange rate. Compared with the conventional Switzerland bitcoin ATM machine, SBB machine services will be more expensive)

After checking the correct, we need to enter the security transaction code (mobile phone SMS) to confirm the transaction.

Finally, we pay the corresponding amount of cash or debit card francs, but can not use credit card. (after a few minutes, we will be able in the bitcoin block chain access to the deal.)

User feedback

Reporters also interviewed some of the passengers in the train, asking their views on this unique function. One named Fred visitors answered: “I wasn’t sure whether he would use it, I have to buy a bitcoin in an exchange (investment), but I did not buy this service regularly, so for me and no eggs, but I can imagine it it will be useful for other people.”

In addition, the reporters also found on the Internet through the use of a service (respondents were asked to remain anonymous):

BC: do you think Sweepay/SBB bitcoin buy what is positive?

Answer: they are everywhere. For anyone living in Zurich, Geneva city or Basel, this service is not what benefits, where you will have ATM machine bitcoin transaction costs lower, but where I live in Fribourg (Fribourg, Fribourg, the capital of Switzerland), here did not have this service. No bitcoin ATM machine, no local Mycelium traders. I don’t want to get any of these services to connect to my bank account, so for me, the last option is in the bitcoin ATM Bern, but its open time is not convenient for me (to put it in a billiard room, open time at 11:30). So, for me, compared to run to Bern, buy bitcoins will be a better choice in the SBB machine, although it has a premium (purchase of a small amount of bitcoin case).

BC: the Sweepay/SBB bitcoin purchase function and what is negative?

Answer: it takes your mobile phone number, then you also need a prepaid. According to my opinion, they need your mobile phone number, to ensure that every year you buy bitcoin below the limit, which may simplify the regulatory problems they encounter. I feel for this reason, but in the end, will let me worry about privacy issues.

The second major drawbacks of course is the price. They will take 6% of the transaction costs, but also not too bad, from Bern recent bitcoin ATM machines also need to cost 5%. And the use of the exchange rate is also very unfavorable. For example, last night at 7:30 minutes, the exchange rate is about 1BTC:795.37 francs, if I remember correctly, then the market exchange rate should be 1BTC:774 francs. I forgot the exact point in time, but at that time, bitcoin prices rose to 774 francs from 769 francs. So, I in 6% based on the transaction costs and spent nearly 2.7% of the cost.

BC: do you believe this will be the mainstream crowd?

Answer: I don’t think so, those who have to accept bitcoin shop city, bitcoin ATM machine will be equipped with lower cost. Of course, now the whole Swiss provides this service, I was very grateful, their cost for Localbitcoins or Mycelium and other OTC transactions is also an incentive.

BC: do you think the SBB group next will take what action for bitcoin?

A: I don’t think they will soon accept bitcoin. In the ticket machine, bitcoin sales option is in the category of “prepaid”. SBB is a service provider Sweepay, because they know how to make money machines, these machines are distributed throughout Switzerland, and has a two-dimensional code scanner. In fact, SBB group did not participate in the game, if it is their test experiment, to see how many customers bitcoin interested, I think it may be a failure. Of course I welcome Sweepay to participate in, but the premium is too high, and in many cases, only a small city that no bitcoin ATM machine, these services will have a market. On the other hand, because accept bitcoin enterprises is still lack, I guess, would like to use this service is very few.

Sweepay CEO: will spread to other countries in the future

In Sweepay, the operator of the project after a month, the reporter also contacted the company’s chief executive officer RodolpheTexier. (BC): can you elaborate on this project. The sequence of events (origin and history, the people involved, and the mission and so on)?

RodolpheTexier (RT): Sweepay is a Swiss “prepaid value” underwriters, because of the current bitcoin in Switzerland, and from the tax compliance perspective, we believe that bitcoin is a prepaid products right. Due to the distribution of bitcoin is more suitable for vending machines, rather than POS, we determined the SBB ticket machine is an extension of bitcoin excellent distribution channels. For promoting bitcoin is the main goal of SBB services. Our vision is through the existing digital or physical channels, to promote the use of encryption currency in switzerland.

BC:SBB/Sweepay bitcoin services what are the advantages?

RT: the size of the network. Almost every Swiss residents near the train station. In addition, there are network availability, it is 7*24 hours, of course, the quality of the service, the reliability of SBB vending machines.

BC: so what do you think can be seen as SBB/Sweepay bitcoin service shortcomings?

RT: this service requires a Swiss mobile phone number, and you must use Sweepay as a financial intermediary, responsible for compliance with the service we need.

BC: can you expand the digital information for us? For example, within a month, SBB ticket machine to handle the number of bitcoins trading?

RT: so far, this service has reached our expectations in the transaction amount and quantity.

BC: the highest sales in the machine? In the big city, or in the absence of conventional bitcoin ATM machine?

RT: “bitcoin transactions well distributed throughout Switzerland (SBB ticket available). This is also related to the big city that had been placed in the conventional bitcoin ATM machine.

BC: do you believe in the future, sweepay/SBB bitcoin services will be accepted by the public?

RT: this service is intended for the convenience of the masses get bitcoin. But it is of ecological system and related service is needed.

BC:Sweepay then what action will be taken against bitcoin?

RT:SweePay will pay special attention to these services, it may promote the use of bitcoin.

Are you going to BC: in other countries also extend this service?

RT: at present, our main focus is in Switzerland, but we are also seeking strategic partners of this service will spread to other countries.


Overall, the project seems to be going smoothly, and get some users.

What do you think of sweepay/SBB’s bitcoin purchase function?

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