This year, the worst performance of encryption currency bitcoin cash, only today soared 32%

One of the worst performing currency this year encryption is bitcoin cash, only today soared 32%.

Since the encryption market continues to rebound from the lowest level this year, some coins outperformed other coins. Bitcoin and Ethernet square has been slow and steady, EOS 30% fell yesterday, but today is bitcoin cash turning.

Since December last year, a record high of more than $4000 since last Saturday, fell 98% to $75 in the lowest point in history. Many people have been added to the ranks of the death coins, but today it has soared 32%.

This makes the soaring asset can not enter the digital encryption. It has successfully climbed again and again won the sixth market value, beyond the Tether and Litecoin positions. It is still ahead of the main BSV, and quickly slipped into the top ten.

It seems that BCH has achieved victory. BSV is currently ranked ninth, will soon be beyond Tron, today still maintained steady growth, and rose 14%.

In addition to a company in Bangladesh issued a purse, there seems to be no obvious basic factor to promote BCH bull market. It will allow the country residents by simply using SMS sending and receiving service bitcoin cash.

The recent encryption currency market has been in a running state, from the lowest point on the weekend 1000 billion of the total market capitalization rose more than 20%.

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