Three reasons to boost competition currency bitcoin development

Three reasons to boost competition currency bitcoin development

In recent years, bitcoin prices continued to rise, although there are ups and downs, but the overall development is still as the acme of perfection. Many bitcoin enthusiasts believe that bitcoin development can rise to a higher level.

Because bitcoin’s heating up, the market also appeared a lot of strange competition appear mostly in currency, bitcoin copies of the form. “It is only made a bit of difference.” Bitcoin professionals believe that the “most competitive currency projects have no intrinsic value.” The emergence of currency seems to compete just imitate.

However, Hagel said, “there is reasonable.” Some market participants believe that there is competitive currency to boost the development of bitcoin. They cited three reasons to prove.

Cover for the survival and development of bitcoin

The correct market regulation is conducive to accelerating the development of bitcoin, but overdoing the regulatory acts, or even outright hostility that development is not conducive to bitcoin. Bitcoin enthusiasts jokes, these coins disrupted the competition regulators sight, bitcoin copy large enough they have a headache. So bitcoin survival were very well protected. From this point of view is still valuable currency competition. Of course, this is not the real reason for the existence of competitive currency.

Currency competition provide new possibilities for the development of bitcoin

Even if the competition is to imitate the currency bitcoin started, but is somewhat different. “If these were different?” If not for the development of bitcoin proved the road to allow the future developers to avoid falling into the same trap. In addition, the emergence of competitive currency bitcoin investors as a reference, they may be able to optimize their portfolio.

Perhaps, try currency may offer competitive ideas for the new function of bitcoin. After all, the amount of currency competition without bitcoin is so big, to try to risk is much smaller.

In other words, because the competition is to imitate the bitcoin currency, so some technology bitcoin is compatible in the currency competition on the platform. This provides a test environment is relatively ideal for the development of bitcoin. For example, in the test the isolation of Wright currency verification scheme.

There is competition, there is progress

Or that sentence, in case a? Maybe money will be because the new mode of competition and take the wings, surpassing the bitcoin. This is perhaps the. This will stimulate the developers of bitcoin development rhythm more timely to control, accelerate the pace of progress. Even if it did not pose a threat to the development of competitive currency will bitcoin, but the effect still exists. With so many competing coins, who also said that bad will happen in the future.

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