To see the future development of bitcoin from technology innovation!

To see the future development of bitcoin from technology innovation!

Bitcoin is a concept with amazing, has released 8 years and achieved great success. Although it is still far from perfect, there are still many problems need to spend time in a friendly and responsible way to correct. I want to share the long-term goal of the project bitcoin complete node view, these goals guide my priorities, you have been able to see the BitcoinClassic node in some 1.2 version released last week.

1. protocol document

Bitcoin as a whole is often called an agreement. But unlike most of the agreement, there is little documentation detailed description of bitcoin, this situation is like a tightrope.

The first goal is to shift towards a fully documented bitcoin. The key point here is the protocol document is priority”. Therefore, if the two are not the same, so the agreement document is to judge which one is right standard. This avoids some meaningless arguments, for example, has the biggest market share with who, or who is the long chain, etc. to assess who is the real bitcoin.

Backward compatibility 2. protocol

The current design of the bitcoin protocol, often some parts are not comply with the software industry best practice experience. Many of these design and will not cause a lot of trouble, but the software industry in some of the best design should comply with the. Data structure is a good example of this is bitcoin protocol can not be changed. Do you want to bitcoin P2P information to add a value is not possible, you can remove the useless value, because they are stored in each transaction.

The second goal is to label transition protocol data structure. The label data structure of ideas can be traced back to a few decades ago, just before the birth of bitcoin. The key point here is that we know that the error has caused, and these errors will continue because we bitcoin revised and expanded and continue to develop. Therefore, we need to have the ability to make clean backward compatible changes. Add a whole new message type new field has all the same information and create a project than in the existing P2P message is more concise.

Note: the basic concept of bitcoin is clear and perfect, that is we should not change!

3. let the blockchain database query more convenient

Bitcoin as an industry depends on the block chain as a general database of all people sharing and use. The main attribute database is that it can provide fast access to the information you seek function. For a quick access example, the database will be able to return to normal all transactions since a date.

Unfortunately, any node in the complete block chain access is very primitive and very slow, the block chain is basically private data. This means that the block explorer finally had to re create a complete database. Study on the usage patterns and many attributes is limited to some very patient man.

The third goal is to make bitcoin complete node to provide full access, including the database. Simple access to the original data can be faster, and it makes the full node functional properties have a very wide range, the operation of the full node more useful.

The origin of this blog to Classic long line graph, the second part introduces each target.

Join the bitcoin community Classic

These goals are with you in the bitcoin for the same goal? Please consider joining us.

Run the client, when you find that when printing error please send an email, or to only share your story in the news website is a kind of excellent.

Read the Classic community page to find more ways to join this exciting change.

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