Toronto set up bitcoin ATM machine

Toronto set up bitcoin ATM machine


DDT in Toronto Central Street (YongeSt, the longest street in the world) the office launched their new personal bitcoin ATM machine. This bitcoin ATM machine itself will be extensive use of DDT specializes in block chain technology Rubix department. This also provides a faster and easier way for DDT, especially when the blockchain research and development team which need to buy bitcoin.

This bitcoin ATM machine officially launched in September 7th, anyone can use it in the 2 floor office Rubix. The bitcoin ATM machine can be traded bitcoin, but whether to buy or sell it will charge a fee of 1%.

“Our ATM is now open. From the entrance of central street into DDT, then take the escalator on the 2 floor, you can see it.

DDT Rubix September 7, 2016″

This bitcoin ATM by Ottawa based BitAccess produced by DDT, and the location of placement, to ensure that anyone can do not need through the security door or checkpoint can use it.

Some other people such as C4 (digital currency Certification Association) chairman MichaelPerklin et al also tried to trade for the first time they were using this bitcoin ATM.

“The chairman of the C4 MichaelPerklin test this new bitcoin ATM machine in DDT Toronto office.

September 6, 2016 – SocialWallet (@thesocialwallet)”

Canada bitcoin ATM machine

Now, the global total of about 786 bitcoin ATM machine located in 53 countries around the world. Bitcoin ATM machine DDT number is 775. This makes the number of coins ATM Canada reached 114, the number is lower than the United States, ranked second in the world.

Toronto has about 34 bitcoin ATM machine, which makes it become the most of Canada bitcoin ATM machine home. This placed DDT manufactured by BitAccess ATM to better attract users and even encryption currency play, let the couple understand bitcoin role.

Until now, we still can not determine the bitcoin ATM what is the use of the exchange rate, however, we can predict that it may use either BitcoinAverage or QuadrigaCX.

Bitcoin: the new gold rush?

Back in 2014, DDT released a “bitcoin: the new gold rush?” The report, the company acknowledged that it is difficult to deny that bitcoin and commercial and other more extensive economic increasing relevance. In fact, before installing the bitcoin ATM machine, it took DDT two years to engage in research from theory to practice.

DDT partner and head of IanChan development and innovation in a press release explaining:

“We hope this bitcoin ATM machine can increase people’s understanding and let people get bitcoins, so that they can better embrace and response the blockchain progress.”

DDT Rubix department first team founder and strategic leader in the same IlianaOrisValiente said in a press release:

Universal block chain is the first step of knowledge, and the logical starting point is to let people understand the first bitcoin is how to operate. Set the goal of ATM is to make bitcoin more easy for people to accept, so that people can experience the blockchain technology first hand, to deepen their understanding and acceptance.”

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