– transferred to the massive chain bitcoin enterprise technology transformation

– transferred to the massive chain bitcoin enterprise technology transformation

Due to gradually cool encryption currency industry, many companies began to shift the focus of development.

We have had this experience: we set up a business and business is very successful, but many years later, suddenly found that the lack of technology, let us know what to do.

Therefore, before bitcoin industry decline, many enterprises choose to flee as soon as possible. For months, the overall value of the currency has been in a quiescent state (except for a brief period at the beginning of the November crash outside). Perhaps, such a state of the downturn last longer, the consequences will be more serious.

Many before engaging in bitcoin business of the company, like Circle and BitPay, they are quietly carried out self adjustment to the general concept of block chain technology.

However, there are some other companies, they are relatively not so heavy-hearted. Bitreserve was a bitcoin exchange, but now he gave himself a new name “Uphold”, are determined to keep their position in the industry.

According to business insider disclosed that the company’s CEO Anthony Watson? Say a wonderful interpretation of the name before: “when it comes to bits, we refer not to bitcoin. A bit (binary information unit), and byte reserves have this meaning. However, people often feel confused, they tend to simply think that we are a bitcoin company, this is also the reason why we start in bitcoin business.”

This change is undoubtedly a breakthrough. This made us think of a bold move before Microsoft, they will try to join the iPod podcast function system. In this regard, the company explained: “this is the podcast refers to a portable radio.”

From: Kim assessment media

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