Treasury bonds worth 100 thousand times the bitcoin

Treasury bonds worth 100 thousand times the bitcoin


The U.S. Treasury bonds than all physical cash value several times larger, and its value is one hundred thousand times of bitcoin.

By the United States federal government accumulated debt is about 195000 billion dollars, all cash, more than the world such as gold, silver, and the comprehensive value of cryptocurrency was much more. The four add up to almost cover 2/3 of U.S. Treasury bonds, leaving the arduous task of debt reduction.

Bitcoin is still the global financial world of small players

In addition to alarming levels of debt of the United States, the fact that the players bitcoin is still in the new global economy. The leading cryptocurrency is 0.1% of all physical cash worth having few, currently has a trading volume of about $50 million for 24 hours. In contrast, in 2010, the gross transaction processing visa per day more than 100 times.

If bitcoin is currently in the global economy’s role is small, the other cryptocurrencies is very little. The upward trend in general, instead of cryptocurrencies binding up category market barely 20%. Revenge, second bit cryptocurrency, only about 11%, the value of bitcoin combination, less than half of the volume, and then the top 13cryptocurrencies combination is almost equal to revenge.

The United States may soon enter another recession

What is worse, in addition to increasing the national debt, the United States may soon find the recession more and more obvious signs. Several key indicators, including stagnation in agricultural machinery and transportation sales, show that the economic downturn is likely to be a point the day and await for it.

From a global point of view, some of the major economic players in the world bank has called on the government to save their own economic assistance. The EU is especially likely to dissolve, according to vice president of Germany, from the European Union and britain.

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