Treat Japan bitcoin why so positive?

Treat Japan bitcoin why so positive?


Bitcoin and Japan’s largest association, is the main developer is a “Japanese Americans”, while bitcoin can be widely popular in Japan, Japan is mixed with the new digital currency expectations and concerns. In the Japanese government to actively support the background, Japan has become the development of bitcoin “paradise”. Japan also actively promote the use of bitcoin in the process, gain a lot of benefits.

Bitcoin in the world’s treatment, the differences are very obvious. At present, Germany, Canada, France, California, Japan, India has recognized the legitimacy of the digital encryption, Australia and other countries after a long discussion finally accepted the legitimacy of legislation. And China, South Korea, Russia, Sweden, Ecuador and other countries are very strict supervision and even completely banned.

After September China government crackdown on illegal financing, shut down bitcoin digital currency exchange, digital encryption currency business also attracted more attention and review the United States, Switzerland and other countries regulatory authorities. At the same time, Japan has a completely different attitude, and even has released a number of digital currency trading license. As of now, bitcoin trading volume accounted for 61.54% yen in the global market, far exceeding ranked two or three and won $denominated transactions, firmly hold bitcoin transaction pricing.

On Saturday, July 1st, the Japanese cancelled bitcoin consumption tax. This also caused Japan to become the world’s largest bitcoin trading market. The same day, Australia also fully suspended bitcoin double taxation.

Experts explained that the Japanese cancelled bitcoin consumption tax, the significance is very considerable. First of all, the table of the Japanese government admitted bitcoin legitimacy and monetary attribute. Secondly, people can be cheaper and more convenient to use bitcoin, bitcoin has accelerated the circulation, making more bitcoin into the Japanese market, improve the Japanese position in the international bitcoin trading market.

Japan for bitcoin’s attitude is very positive, in April this year, Japan announced bitcoin legalization, and start the implementation of the newly revised “law” capital settlement, continuously push forward the construction of related system. Policy support for digital currency, with an open attitude, let bitcoin in Japan has been developed very well in some scenes can also be used to pay for the true meaning of the “promote cashless society” process, is essential.

In the policy’s blessing, bitcoin is seen in Japan as a digital encryption currency legitimacy, and to become a form of currency settlement and physical goods, popularization. Japan bitcoin exchange Bitpoint also announced to the market, in cooperation with NipponPay, to provide services for China encryption assets to pay the three pandemic payment service. This is Japan against another China powerful “cashless payment” under the impact of the measures.

The encrypted digital currency to the center, more and more attention, bitcoin is one of the focus. For Japan, the large-scale application of bitcoin, will bring new opportunities to Japan, to restore economic growth. With the help of the realization of the two revival of Dongfeng digital currency encryption, Japan has even the next generation of currency future development ticket, but the ticket can be used long, depends on the global digital currency market development, but now it seems this ticket is still worthwhile.

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