Trend is king, bitcoin sets a new record

Okex BTC / usdt perpetual contract: As shown in the figure, yesterday’s adjustment stopped falling above the 25800 line short-term strong and weak dividing line, and then gradually broke through the small cycle decline triangle reminded in yesterday’s evening review, and the short-term risk was resolved. At the same time, it also means that even the short-term upward pattern has not been destroyed, and the market sentiment is still in the upsurge, so it is not intended to set a new record high Outside. Judging from the current structure, the rising pattern of all levels has not been damaged. However, the trading volume has not been significantly enlarged after the currency price has reached a new high, which is the main risk point for many parties. Of course, at present, the most important concern is whether the trend is damaged, and other factors are ranked behind. Therefore, the focus of the future market is still 25800 support. Before breaking through, the long, medium and short-term trends all belong to the upward trend. If 25800 is obviously broken, the short-term upward pattern will be destroyed. At that time, short-term investors should pay attention to risk control and medium and long-term investment At this stage, there is no need to read frequently. Support: 27700 — 27100 — 25800 resistance: 29000 — 30000 — 32000okex eth / usdt perpetual contract: As shown in the figure, ETH remained above the key support level of 696 when it was adjusted again last night. However, the strength of the recovery in the later period was not as strong as that of bitcoin, but this did not affect the overall trend and was a bull trend. Judging from the current trend structure, the currency price showed signs of stagflation after running to yesterday’s high. At the same time, the trading volume in this cycle of rising process did not significantly enlarge, indicating that the short-term active aggressiveness of bulls is not strong, and it is necessary to guard against the possible fall back risk in the short term. The focus of the future market is still 696 front-line support. Before the price break, the pattern of bulls at all levels is in good condition. Even if there is stagflation, we should only look at the short-term adjustment. If we break 696, the probability of the end of the short-term rise pattern will be greatly increased. At that time, we should pay attention to risk control measures. Support: 724 — 710 — 696 resistance: 748 — 770 — 800okex dot spot Dot is the first major cross chain project, which has significantly increased the popularity of the whole sector recently. Whether it can become a subject pursued by funds after defi remains to be seen. From the current trend, dot is also obviously in a strong pattern, and now there is no clear stagflation phenomenon. From the perspective of the volume index representing market sentiment, the volume price coordination in the recent rising market shows a trend of rising volume and falling volume, which indicates that bullish funds have strong willingness to actively intervene. With the sharp rise of the currency price, the attention has risen to the fifth place, which is obviously a good news to stabilize the strength of the currency price. Next, the short-term trend can focus on the 7.0 front-line support. The price can be regarded as the short-term strong and weak dividing line, which means that the short-term trend is in a super strong pattern. On the contrary, short-term risks should be paid attention to when breaking positions. Support: 7.00 — 6.80 — 6.65; resistance: 7.45 — 8.00 — 8.50

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