Trucoin MasterCard and Visa to buy bitcoin service

Trucoin MasterCard and Visa to buy bitcoin service

Bitcoin intermediary service provider Trucoin announced in April that its goal is to make the world’s most efficient bitcoin purchase service. In the city has recently announced the following for the first time to carry out the service in Florida, Massa Chusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, the eight states of South Carolina and Texas in the United States through a social network account platform, including Facebook, Linkedln and Google+ account, there’s MasterCard and visa registered users. The company also revealed that the new service will be available next month, including allowing users to use bitcoin for credit card payments.

In an interview with CoinDesk Trucoin, the co-founder and director Chris Brunner says he came in about three years ago suggested that the company provide similar services for the American market, but the law has always been a barrier. However, Brunner appears in the Trucoin have overcome legal challenges, will broaden the United States market is. He said: “we decided to do anything to be legitimate, and we do so. We cooperate with a capital trading mechanism, we are in these funds (bitcoin and dollar) exchange between media. We will be in the next month will increase 25 in service.”

Easy to use

Brunner shows that the company is to provide a reliable and convenient method for consumers to buy bitcoin. In order to facilitate the Trucoin decision to use credit cards to buy.

Brunner said that this is a better choice, most people will accept the service in his goal state. He said: “we do a lot of work for credit card and debit, set up anti fraud system, which makes the new customers only need to spend less than two minutes to set. Customers do not need to wait for the manual confirmation, you can immediately use credit cards to buy bitcoin.”

Late announcement

The official publication of some companies to carry out the purchase service than privately invited a month later, the company will increase the target state to all 33 states. Trucoin marketing Brent James suggested that the company not to announce the release date, until the company can guarantee promises. James said:

“We want to make sure that the correct way of doing things, the use of rigorous way.”

Reddit community intervention

The Trucoin announcement released attracted the attention of reddit, users are learning about the effectiveness of this company’s service. Moreover, the company also invited the famous bitcoin foundation chief scientist Gavin Andresen security.

Some users of Reddit, pointed out that the use of social networking account login, the user’s private information need to be separated. Trucoin claims to use a social network account is the most efficient user identification (KYC) method.

Global target

Although started in the United States, but the ultimate goal of Trucoin is to provide services to 100 countries, available in 10 languages. Brunner said, although the goal is large, but in the near future can be achieved. He said: “we will soon stand up to provide services in a number of countries, and ensure the provision of quality services to our customers.”

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