Truffle system development and ecological development tools in the future the etheric Fang

Truffle system development and ecological development tools in the future the etheric Fang

TimeCoulter speech theme “Truffle development system and ecological development tools of the future workshop ethernet”

The demonstration covers a series of different development tools including Truffle framework, Truffle introduced the development of ecological system.


We will demonstrate the new function and discuss future plans, pay attention not only to allow Truffle users to write benefit but also to the community benefits the whole etheric Fang code, the focus is on the development process, block chain simulation, testing, using real-time data testing and development, chain chain package management.

Truffle is the most widely used Ethernet Fang development framework, reached 17000 downloads within two days, 397 Git users, each customer to answer other people’s problems. Truffle1.0 can give you the most basic things, through external test development, we have 2 versions, support complex deployment, with the change of time, we rewrite the code base, at the same time we have the positive for the document, is now ready to advance the 3 version.

Testrpc is the etheric Fang memory client, provide timely mining, establish account, HD wallet support, rapid development, does not require the use of private chain. The main feature of Testrpc is distributed in the bifurcation, a lot of packet, you can create a new Ethernet workshop client, can run the new development chain, using existing data, in the development of history have no opportunity to use production data and code, according to the production data and database programming, the existing external contract has a great influence on the safety, can a RPC, the use of DAO contract.

The Solidity unit test, can be used in the decision-making base, I hope everyone to see.

Npm package management chain registry, there is a new NPM, I installed packages, no matter who is the establishment of the Truffle, can be placed in your bag, the deployment of address, through the NPM used in the production contract, the integration of the next is webpack, add a line of code or three lines of code, can interact with the contract is very small, then the characteristics of the transaction, to see whether the incident occurred, if there is to rewrite the application. There is no need to do so, run this transaction by decoding.

The new test version released


New releases of our website board view, want to publish the test version, can join our mailing list, send emails to introduce our project, you can see the document.

Everything said today are in the working state, can achieve immediate bifurcation, can be used to test s, NPM integration, Solidity0.4 support to make changes to our Solidity, Truffle or NPM maintenance package, integration can have better.

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