Trump appointed bitcoin investors Peter Till joined the presidential transition team

Trump appointed bitcoin investors Peter Till joined the presidential transition team

History has opened a new chapter, from a new perspective to rethink our problems, “at the end of the presidential election, bitcoin enthusiast Peter Till (PeterThiel) said the president of New York Times, he will also join the Donald Tran transition team. “I will do what I can to help the president.”

Because Donald Trump has won the presidential election in the United States, with the transition of Obama and Trump two president, he and his team have to do a lot of work review.

President elect Trump has appointed some Republican staff, such as New Jersey governor Chris Christie (ChrisChristie), the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich’s former president and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Trump also announced the billionaire Thiel technical expert and his three children will also join the presidential transition team executive committee.

Trump supports bitcoin investor and co-founder of PayPal PeterThiel

“By Vice President elect MikePence leadership advisory panel will preliminary work in the state of New Jersey under the leadership of. ChrisChristie will help open a change of government from the first day, “Trump said. “Our team’s goal is clear: team leaders gather the highest quality to Washington to implement our reform plan. We will work together to rebuild the urgent task of our country, especially the work, security and opportunity. The incoming team will make America great again.”

Trump will be officially president in January 20th.

PayPal Bilderberg, co-founder of the participants, the board of directors of Facebook PeterThiel to join Trump’s transition team member means that Thiel will be able to help the president to appoint people, and decided to reform policy.

Thiel on behalf of the Republican Congress made a speech, and donated $1 million 250 thousand.

“We need a modest policy,” said Thiel of the National Press Club in a week before the election. “We elected Trump, because we believe that our national leadership has failed.”

Thiel also expressed the hope that the government can pay less attention to sex and gender issues, pay more attention to the government and efficient completion of infrastructure projects.

According to anonymous sources, Thiel investment BitPay, and not completely refused to join the Trump administration team.

“Thiel could help Trump deal with technical problems, but the question is whether he is interested in technology and the bay area, and whether it will be from the heart to provide advice,” an anonymous democratic technology industry lobbyists said.

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