Trump was elected president of the United States, bring three good bitcoin

Trump was elected president of the United States, bring three good bitcoin

As I wrote on Cointelegraph on Sunday, the article said, Hilary could not be allowed to become president of the United states. However, a lot of people say I’m crazy, in fact, the world does not need public corruption, lies, also do not need to bring threat to the third world control Washington politicians.

Trump wants to “rectify the existing political”, he is a hard-working man, the first head of state from the start. One night he did even more than President Obama all to. So what does this have to do with bitcoin?

This article will be from the three aspects of Trump not only provide help for bitcoin bitcoin, and will provide a better future.

Bitcoin prices should grow faster in the later this year

In fact, bitcoin and Trump are the same as the election winner. The election night, bitcoin prices have risen by more than 60% this year.

Bitcoin has been confirmed as economic turmoil a safe harbor, and last night, once again proved this point. When in Washington last night when the train to Trump, market investors started out this “future money” to seek financial protection.

Bitcoin rose nearly 4%, as earlier the UK from Europe, the pound fell, while the price of bitcoin quickly jump up play the role of economic spare tire “safe haven”. I hope you will love bitcoin prices become more high. In the period of economic uncertainty, bitcoin is always first rushed out.

No third world war bitcoin is a good thing

Hilary Clinton last night to her political partner speech did not hide her desire for war. She has made a political agenda, and the war with Russia is one of the things she plans to do in the presidency. Trump’s way is better, he will negotiate with Russia and create a good relationship, so as not to cause millions of people to sacrifice. This is a good plan for me.

If you do not choose to fight the war ended, there will be more people to share, and promote the sale of bitcoin, so bitcoin global development at least in the next four years (the president of the United States for a term of 4 years) is allowed. Isn’t this a good thing?

The correct selection of the president to protect the Internet and bitcoin

Without the Internet, there is no possibility for Trump in the white house. He is the best friend and the internet. The Internet will not be the center of the center of corruption or by the multinational organization (such as the United Nations) are completely engulfed. Today, the Internet has become the world’s strongest supervisor. This is very good from the essence of bitcoin.

Looking forward to the new president to continue to use the Internet to spread to the public through the online way of hope, optimism and justice. To do this, people will need unrestricted access to these online services. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the Internet will be free.

Globalists again lost their supporters. The first is to give up Iceland to join the EU, then “Greece out of the euro zone”, then “British exit”, and now “Trump came to power. Trump’s “America first” plan will bring unstable investors rushed to the bitcoin, get the opportunity to continue to improve and develop bitcoin and its technology.

If Hilary won the election, then bitcoin will be in a broken globalist regime. Instead of suffering a new Internet and digital currency regulatory storm, we can continue to control their own destiny. Thanks to the many voters to create a brighter future for bitcoin. Last night we proved these voters out of the house to vote to bitcoin and play a role in the whole world.

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