Trump was elected the first week, the highest single month bitcoin transaction most

Trump was elected the first week, the highest single month bitcoin transaction most


After Trump made in the United States presidential election won big in the world, the number of the use of bitcoin suddenly surge, November to (bitcoin wallet service provider, users worldwide most, the largest flow site) probably will become a has milepost type meaning of the month. (hereinafter referred to as Blockchain) is a bitcoin company in Britain, when its co-founder and chief executive PeterSmith BusinessInsider in an interview with the media, said: “since the U.S. presidential election results, our company’s business volume has been rising, every day in the creation of new records. The American people on hand if you happen to have a lot of pounds, after the election will begin to worry about the devaluation of the pound will, so they’re trying to find a relatively stable currency, bitcoin is a good choice, so more and more people buy bitcoin this phenomenon, in fact, that people take active measures to cope with the market economic instability.”

Last week the United States presidential election, Trump defeated Hilary was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States, bitcoin prices immediately soared, reaching a climax of the transaction.

Blockchain has a total of 25 employees in London, New York in the United States and Germany Luxemburg also have a branch, the company occupies 50% share of the global market, the average daily trading volume can reach 150 thousand, the company’s total assets reached $30 million (equivalent to 23 million 900 thousand pounds), among the bitcoin wallet providers of the world the most.

Although Smith is not willing to disclose the specific transactions company of the United States since the election, but responded to the rumors or before: “this month, our company will be the first to reach tens of millions of users. On the day of the election results announced, daily trading volume of the company reached two this years most of the day.”

Blockchain launched a new feature, with this feature, users can buy or sell the electronic wallet bitcoin, talked about this problem, Smith referred to the BI (business intelligence).

Smith said: “all the time, our company’s products are different with other enterprises, the difference is not here to help customers save bitcoin, but to provide customers with a private key storage places. For example, like the customer’s purse is bitcoin, but want to sell or buy bitcoin, but could not find the key, this is precisely the role we play to provide key.”

At the same time, Smith also revealed that the company eight months ago began the development of new features, with a Danish bitcoin payment service provider Coinify cooperation, jointly launched the new application.

This Monday, the new features introduced in England, estimated in this month at the end of this new feature will be landing in the euro zone. Smith expressed his wish, hope that this function can be landed in the United States before the second quarter of 2017, is also listed in parts of Latin america.

In view of the United States market economy is not stable, he hopes this new function can be first launched in the UK than in the United States, as he wished. He said: “we want to first in the UK, the UK is our home, our main market, so it is easier to manage. In addition, to influence the election to bring to the market is certainly more than a week, is likely to drag on for a long time. It is first in our UK launch better.”

Smith hopes that this new function can promote the company turnover growth. Coinify’s co-founder and chief executive of H? Jgaard held a press conference, and at the meeting to introduce this new feature, and the launch of Blockchain said: “Blockchain is the electronic wallet bitcoin supply business of big brother, I absolutely believe that this new feature will change the face of the industry.”

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