Trump’s “Crazy” move may be bitcoin market favorable factors!

Trump’s “Crazy” move may be bitcoin market favorable factors!

Not all Trump has recently been a series of crazy policies included in the bitcoin enthusiasts scare. On the contrary, Trump’s “madness” behavior may be the bitcoin market major positive factor. Recently, bitcoin has started strong. After the beginning of this year fell below $1000, the international price of bitcoin has signs of a rebound in recent days. At the end of last year, investors China bit currency bitcoin price was active to break through $1100, but this time, bitcoin rally will no longer be attributed to the Chinese market, but driven by the new decree of the new president of the United States trump.

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Bitcoin price growth from the United States policy uncertainty

For bitcoin and Trump’s policies, many people are concerned about the virtual currency to hold the same view, which brings Trump the uncertainty of the policy will lead to increased demand for bitcoin, thus promoting bitcoin prices.

Mr Trump signed a controversial executive order. Although the trump at election time the market has hit a shot, but during the presidential campaign speech often cannot be taken seriously, when everyone on the trump on “building a wall” between the US and Mexican sniff at speech, did not think this wall was so quickly has been put on the agenda.

Trump has recently signed a presidential decree to build a wall in the United States and Mexico border, and Mexico plans to import 20% of the tax levy, to fund the building wall project in the Mexican border, immediately after the news release in the world has caused a great disturbance. In addition, the Trump administration proposed on bilateral remittance tax, which resulted in some people begin to seek the use of bitcoin to achieve cross-border transfer of funds.

In a panic yet Pingding occasion, Trump issued an executive order prohibiting from seven countries of the Middle East immigrants into the United States, and announced to change the existing U.S. visa system — this is both for the enterprise and individual, will have a very large impact. They began to worry about how these policies will affect their lives and business dealings. Of this uncertainty, prompting them to seek new haven.

The impact of the dollar, to highlight the value of digital currency

The first reaction to market decline of the Trump administration’s restrictive immigration policy is the confidence in the dollar.

The exclusion policy introduced not only caused domestic immigrants especially Muslims panic, is also on the global tourism industry and the impact of the flow of talent, Trump took office on the eve of the bright economic outlook seems no longer, the market is full of pessimism. As a result of this pessimism is caused by including a series of digital currency hedging assets rebound.

When the dollar began to depreciate, the most direct way is to protect people assets asset allocation from the traditional financial institutions to hedge assets more valuable. Bitcoin is a digital currency with “digital gold” attribute. At the end of last year, although another brilliant market is unlikely, but bitcoin in the next trend is still relatively optimistic.

The price fluctuation Chinese bitcoin market is mainly caused by speculation, so the central bank to intervene after speculation, bitcoin prices have no lasting impact. Compared with the administrative practice of Trump on the current political and economic environment change is more and more predictable — although the specific policy is full of uncertainty, but the conservative and xenophobic will be the main theme of the next period of time.

In addition, the development of Europe, including the UK back in Europe, the German and European elections, Italy has the potential return intention may promote the digital currency prices rise further.

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