“Trust machine” blockchain – food safety stopper

“Trust machine” blockchain – food safety stopper

Regardless of whether or not an adequate supply, the food industry has always been filled with a variety of problems. A recent survey shows that global food waste accounted for 30% of the total supply, the United States food waste rate even reaches the national supply 50%.

There are many factors causing this phenomenon. For example, over industrialized production process. Businesses in order to attract more consumers with low price, to seek the industrialization process to reduce production cost. The production process of industrialization eventually lead to oversupply, resulting in waste phenomenon.

In addition, the problem of food security is the focus of consumers. The problem of mad cow disease, cross infection so that consumers pay more attention to food processing and certification information.

In the United States, more than 80% of the antibiotics used in food processing. The environmental problems caused by agricultural activities and even exacerbate climate change. The government has tried to agricultural issues, enacted a bill to establish standards, but because of the specific implementation of the plight and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

The recent development of the digital economy may be able to help. The intelligent field is committed to providing low cost and high flexibility of the solution. The real-time temperature control system and intelligent refrigerator can help reduce waste. But a new technology – block chain, a new opportunity is regarded as the reform of agricultural supply chain.

Block chain is the underlying technology of encryption currency, but the actual use is far more than that. The recorded information distributed books is safe and can not be changed; in the distributed network, a single node error will not affect the whole network, namely block chain network is highly elastic; in addition, some special settings based on the block chain content for all users can see.


Block chain and trust

“The economist” will block chain called “a trusted machine”. So it can provide the maximum transparency and authenticity of data for the supply chain, it can also open authentication information.

There are quite a number of start-up companies committed to exploring the application of block chain technology in agriculture. One of the more famous is Provenance, a British software company B2B. It provides service for the product quality certification by the blockchain, including food. They are currently certified Indonesia tuna supply chain, so that it is exported to japan. They will be all kinds of information of tuna (origin etc.) and certificate of record in the block chain, realize the key management of the supply chain, from fishing to a series of processes on the dinner table to eat them in their hands.

There are also some other software companies use this technology to improve the existing block chain of global supply chain management. Some companies will even collect animal DNA stored in the block chain. As long as the consumer handheld intelligent mobile phone can easily access the information.

The Canadian start-up company BlockCrushrLabs is committed to solving the problem of poverty. They raise money by bitcoin and block chain technology advantage for homeless people, but also the use of funds announced in the block chain.

The main products are wireless sensor Filament. They are developing new sensors at present, aimed at monitoring the health index of crops, and the corresponding data recorded in the block chain. In addition, this sensor can record already harvested crop temperature and humidity. Then the sensor data in the Internet of things (IoT) is connected with other equipment, such as transportation and warehousing equipment.

Skuchain the main R & D barcode and electronic label, combined with block chain technology can monitor the point of the global supply chain management, to prevent counterfeit products.

Some companies called for a halt to add antibiotics, preservatives and other harmful substances in food ingredients. I believe the blockchain transparent features can clearly record the origin of food and ingredients, which really helped produce healthy food.

From the above proof of concept projects can be seen, the block chain is a permanent and effective authentication platform, its openness and transparency for consumers to bring enough trust. Businesses no longer racking their brains to promote their own brands, as long as the supply chain management in the open block chain, even unknown food brands can also sell well. Of course, this idea is not limited to the field of agriculture.

But the blockchain solution has its limitations. This scheme also requires supply chain management real time update production process. In addition, the official certification system reliability is very important. A combination of products and the supply chain also brings difficulties for the implementation of block chain technology.

Therefore, the proof of concept projects are mostly high value and low output, affected and vulnerable to the founder’s personal decision. Block chain technology is applicable to some mature industries, but in some small industry, its development space may be limited.

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