Twitter CEO also invested bitcoin block chain technology can solve many problems”

Twitter CEO also invested bitcoin block chain technology can solve many problems”


Twitter (Twitter) and Square CEOJackDorsey has said publicly that bitcoin blockchain and technology will be the next big liberation”.

He added that the term is often used for accounting, but it is applied to a broader field of strength “.

In August 2017, Dorsey talked about this topic in an interview at the computer history museum in mountain view, California, block chain technology and other encryption currency bitcoin called the future of banking.

Dorsey views on block chain technology

A number of financial and technical experts together will get the encrypted transaction transaction, block chain is defined as a support of the books. Another part of the Internet and a few years ago compared that block chain is a framework of service to the construction of new technology.

Dorsey hold a different point of view, he claimed that the ability to block chain has to the center of the financial transaction is a changer. Block chain technology can solve the problems in many fields.

“I think there will be a bunch of people would say,” block chain, let’s get it applied to all places’, ‘let us solve all the problems with it. “. And we use the machine learning and data science, deep learning and artificial intelligence to solve all the problems. I think we should be more careful to think about this problem. People trying to realize what? How to help the progress of technology, or technology to interfere with the progress?”

Dorsey investment bitcoin?

Dorsey said their personal investment in digital currency, but he did not disclose the specific amount of bitcoin holdings.

The mobile payment company Square has also begun to accept bitcoin this new payment method. He also said that many of his friends and relatives are asking how he can invest in this digital currency.

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